Star Wars The Last Jedi NEW Material Revealed! Luke, Rey & More!

Today we go over some star wars the last jedi news that has to do with new material for Rey, Luke Skywalker and General Leia!. We recently got the star wars the last jedi trailer not to long ago and the bts reel giving us new star wars the last jedi footage and now today we have new material to reveal.


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  1. Red is a very significant color we know that because of how heavily it's been utilized in the promo images. In the trailer, red is also heavily used during the Crait sequences and Snoke's red room which will both be pivotal scenes. Just thinking out loud what the red color used in the promo images could mean. 🙂

  2. If Luke dies in "The Last Jedi" I will swear loudly in the movie theater and punch the guy sitting next to men. Then I will rampage like Kylo Ren and no movie user will be safe from me.

  3. YUP, YUP, YUP, keep all the new material & spoilers coming, Mike! You da’ elder statesmen if Star Wars spoilers now. Keep it up, bro🤘👍🏽⭐️🍕🤘👍👍

  4. Even tho they said they are not going to kill leia off i disagree i think she will not makin outta this film alive , rip carrie fisher

  5. Crait is the same color as these posters. Coincidence? Probably not. Also, these posters have been out for a while. Why are they "new?"

  6. Tthey are all part of snokes empire. Luke was training siths. Kylo needed to be the one. Killed the rest. Luke knew there was one more and stayed on the planet to await the last one. Luke is using leia to bring rey to him. Luke then trains and delivers rey to snoke. Kylo realizes he was not the one that snoke really wanted and becomes angry. He vows to destroy luke and rey to be in snokes favor yet again. Becoming the last and the one.

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