Star Wars The Last Jedi Spoilers Of Luke Skywalker! Exciting News

Lets go over some Star Wars The Last Jedi news when it comes to the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker portrayed by Mark Hamill. We will be going over some new details of the character so we will be heading into some star wars the last jedi spoilers, you have been warned. I am personally so pumped for this film to arrive, star wars is amazing and I cannot wait for the upcoming star wars the last jedi reel, and the star wars the last jedi trailer.



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  1. mike here's my theory:
    luke say's that "it's time for the jedi to end" because he feels that all the pain in the galaxy has been caused by the jedi, that is impossible to do away with evil and that they're in a war where it's impossible to win. He thinks that if the jedi disappear, the sith will have no reasons to slaughter people and there will be peace in the galaxy.
    (I'm sorry if I wrote something wrong I'm portuguese)

  2. I love your YouTube videos the more I watch them the more I get excited for the last Jedi keep up the good work Mike!!! ;D I love your thoughts about Luke's necklace it's awesome!!!!!!!!

  3. I don't know why I just thought of this but if Luke wins a lightsaber duel it will be the first one that he's ever won

  4. Love your videos, and they are torturing me. I can''t wait till the movie comes out. Thanks Mike you are making the wait a lot easier with these great videos.

  5. Don't know what I am most excited about Game of Thrones, football season, or Star Wars. This damn month of July is killing me.

  6. imo I don't see achtoo can be the first jedi temple because what about the one in the prequels on coruscant? like I say just my opinion

  7. Why would Luke keep a red kyber crystal belonging to Darth Vader? We can safely assume that Luke's acceptance of Darth Vader's revelation in TESB was that he believed Darth Vader was not his father – "I have accepted the truth that you were once Anakin Skywalker, my father", "It is the name of of your true self – you've only forgotten it". Luke is telling Anakin that Darth Vader is something that he's created to hide behind – he's not real. Luke doesn't consider Vader to be his father and disassociates Vader from his father. Why would he keep something that belonged to Vader when he rejects him and celebrates all that his father truly was? It makes no sense.

  8. But it makes total sense for Luke to be really different in TLJ in comparison to the original trilogy. It is 30 years later and we have no clue what has happened in those 30 years, except that the Jedi Academy he started had failed due to Ben Solo turning to the dark side, I think we can assume his powers will be literally "off the charts", and as the movie goes on, we will get flashbacks giving us more about Luke's 30 years, especially during Rey's training. I think the novelization will likely have more information only because the movie will have a set time limit. This, if done right, could really be spectacular

  9. Outfit change for the ending of the movie? DARK SIDE CONFIRMED! Haha idc what happens in any of these movies but the Sith and Dark Side have been poorly represented so far lol due for redemption!!!!!

  10. I don't think that just reading the the Journals of the Whills has changed Luke. No one stays the same in 30 years. Change is inevitable with everybody. Yes I do believe we will see a grumpy, older Luke, which makes a lot of sense if you think about what he has lost in the past and maybe even regrets.

  11. I think the thing on Luke Skywalker's necklace will be Darth Vader's red kyber crystal. I think it will be reveled when Kylo Ren shows up.

  12. Hi… LUKE, was young when he got involved,
    with all this, and Averyone,
    either, died, or turn to the DARK SIDE, in which,he learn, all this when he was young,now he is older, of
    course, he changed,as,he the last of the JEDI'S???
    The system, he has to save,and develop,for the Good Light-side of the Force's… that, is a big responsibility's,to be put into at a young age ,and starting out…
    So! of course,he changed, but, in what degree???
    THEREFORE, hoply, Episode's,8,9…
    Give US Movie's Goer's, the story-lines…??

  13. Would the Luke necklace include his Battle of Yavin medal perhaps? Maybe Luke keeps a few items from his personal life & career. I can't see him distancing himself too far from his long time in the Rebel Alliance.

  14. So Luke Skywalker, infamous Jedi Knight & son of one of the most powerful Jedi & Sith lords ever, is now a disgruntled homeless trespasser. Thanks Disney. You fucking suck.

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