Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer 3 Details & Spoilers! (New Trailer)

Now for star wars the last jedi we have gotten a star wars the last jedi teaser trailer and a official star wars the last jedi trailer alongside with some the last jedi bts reels that gave us new star wars the last jedi trailer…however new reports suggest a new star wars the last jedi trailer is on the way…star wars the last jedi trailer 3 is said to be a star wars the last jedi international trailer that will run around 90 seconds in length making it shorter than the official trailer by about a minute. It will show us new scenery that we have not seen in the official trailer and the teaser which could very well hint we get to see a bit of cantobight, we also discuss some things about luke skywalker and snoke.





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  1. OR, in all seriousness, I think that Luke might even be talking to the Force ghost of… someone. Who exactly, idk. But I feel like that could be possible.

  2. Cool.
    I believe that Luke saying "this is not going to go the way you think. " is from a flash back of when Kylo-Ren destroyed his jeti school a couple of years back. Lukes clothes look leather and with armor patchwork. Unlike other scenes. I think anyways .
    Good job.

  3. I hope we will be treated to watching Luke obliterate the Knights of Ren.

    This isn't going to go the way you think….then he gets up and mercilessly slaughters them.

    Every. Last. One.

  4. I'm actually surprised that with all the Grey Jedi talk and Luke living in the dark/light side theories, and the definition of 'Jedi' shifting with the Whills books in the first Jedi temple; that Luke's "This is not going to go the way you think" and he sounds furious when he's saying it is that Luke is tapping into his anger for the battle, which is something that Kylo and the Knights of Ren haven't seen before; Luke going absolutely crazy in a fight!All the flashbacks of Luke at the Jedi temple have him devastated and sorrowful, not angry. I actually see the already-talked about battle between Rey & Luke and Kylo & the Knights of Ren being very mournful as opposed to bad-ass, where Luke finally lets all of his pent up emotion out on the fight (similar score to when he lashed out at Darth Vader in ROTJ). I can see him repeating "Why?!" over and over again to Kylo while Kylo can't stand up to Luke's assault and is just on the complete defensive, and this outburst also scares Rey because she sees it.

  5. I feel like when snoke says when I found you was meant for Kylo Ren because Kylo first found out about Rey not snoke

  6. If Luke is talking to a male, that's pretty scary. He's on the ground; so, is he like gonna die? :O That'd be such a lame last line. If he isn't gonna die, and that IS Kylo Ren he's talking to, that kinda makes things interesting.

  7. The bad thing about trailers, and we can nit pick on what, who ,and where they are talking about, is to miss lead us. The trialers are there to make us question whats going to happen, but usually we get it wrong. Trailers are made to heighten our expectations and be surprised when we are wrong

  8. Is Luke is even somewhat defeated by K. Ren in thus film I'll walk out of theater, come on why are masters so weak? Enough with weak Jedi

  9. Luke will be the most bad ass character in this film! When I see Luke use his new force powers I'll be either in awe or be cheering loudly while watching this film.

  10. the real question is why does Finn use a american accent and rey is english?
    Both are english actors.english accent= bad guys except ob-wan

  11. I just hope Luke really shows he was the most powerful Jedi as stated by Lucas in the coming movie….I think we will have a scenario where Luke is in disarray but come episode IX we will see the most powerful Jedi that existed and will sacrifice himself to defeat Snoke and the First Order. Rey and Kylo then form a new Jedi order to carry on his teachings.

  12. It's good we know this officially now but this is stuff I've already predicted. I hope Luke and Kylo join together at the end

  13. Do you think Snoke is seeking a host to transfer his conscious that so he live longer if not forever. Kinda like the xmen apocolypse plot

  14. All I know is that if that scene with Luke lying back in the rain and saying "this is not going to go the way you think!" ends up being because he was just 'bested' by Kylo in a duel…. I'm going to lose my freaking mind!! Even Kylo AND the Knights of Ren for that matter… If Luke isn't at least on par with Yoda/Sidious in this movie.. i'm going to be extremely disappointed.

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