Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer & Tickets! Exciting News

Today we go over some exciting star wars the last jedi news that wont have to do with any star wars the last jedi spoilers however! have to do with the star wars the last jedi trailer and the last jedi tickets, the pre ticket sales to be exact and what imax recently added to their site! On October 9th I will be doing a star wars the last jedi trailer breakdown for you guys to enjoy 🙂 keep on eye out on fandango and movietickets.




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  1. Do you think they'll sell out, before early birds get a chance to purchase them? I panicked and raced to get Force Awakens and Rogue One tickets, then they never sold out. I likely will panic again, but hopefully it's an unnecessary fear.

  2. Hey Mike! I'm most excited to see the relationships between the characters, but also the cantobight chase, and the hopeful Luke and Kylo Ren fight. I'm also looking foreward to what General Leia will be doing in this movie, seeing as it's Carrie's last time on the screen.

  3. Getting really excited for the trailer to drop and I am getting my tickets on the 9th… Mike I really enjoy your channel keep it up you do a fantastic job

  4. gonna be a monster hit at the box-office!, I really hope Luke and Leia cross paths in this movie, hopefully Luke and Leia have an onscreen reunion!

  5. I love your videos Mike! Keep up the good work, I would like to see you present some of your videos on the week before the premier of the last Jedi dressed as characters from the movies, just for fun ? my suggestions are, Chewie, Han, Rey and C3po??

  6. Hell yeah! Its getting very real now folks! Looking forward to character development….especially Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker!

  7. Thank you, Mike. Always with the timely information. I guess I will just have to sit through Monday Night Football cuz I am soooo hyped for this. It's going to be glorious!!!!

  8. Okay, I now know what I'll be doing on Monday night, other than watching the trailer! Let the hype flow threw us all!

  9. Hi, Mike! Although I AM excited to sit back and let the plot unfold, what I'm MOST excited about are references and especially appearances by SW alumni. Obi-Wan, Yoda, even Anikin. One character in particular I will be heartbroken if she never appears in a film is Ahsoka. No high hopes there, just saying. Also, my 8-year-old has become a major fan. So more than anything I'm excited to share this with him.

  10. What if Rey is Poe sister… and they were touch by the force tree luke gave to her mon… besides they not need to be twins…. just older bro what you say yo that.

  11. Looking forward to December 13th 😀 Can anybody advise me about 3D? The difference between 3D and IMAX? I usually try to avoid it because it is hard work to watch and especially since I need glasses nowadays… And I also want to say that this page has become my favourite when it comes to Star Wars. You are not messing around like some here on Youtube. Thanks for all Your hard work 🙂

  12. i just want Luke to be bad ass and wup some serious ass, he was too passive in the original trilogy, so some ninja type shit from him will make my star wars story complete

  13. Do you know what time at night they'll go on sale? I wonder if theaters will sell them during the afternoon of 10/9

  14. I am boycotting Pro Football! So I will have to wait for the trailer to either hit your channel or catch it while watching normal T.V.

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