Star Wars: The Phantom Menace – Modern Trailer (2018)

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  1. Good work!. I watched the movie again last Sunday, previously to go to ComicCon Lima where I met Ray Park! Looking this trailer made me goosebumps.

  2. The episode one teaser trailer was epic better than any Modern Trailer there is today the original trailers the best if it's not broke don't fix it

  3. Great trailer! Just one thing: when the droid army is getting ready, you should add sounds, like the one you can hear in the battlefront II trailer. But maybe this didnt suit the overall tone of the trailer

  4. Great trailer! But I hoped for Obi Wan's line: "the boy is dangerous, Master, the rest of the Council can see it why can't you?"

  5. Great Trailer! Still love the music. Only issue is that the modern trailers give the entire movie away. This doesn't do that. So this is better haha.

  6. Can't stop my hand at liking every single comment under your videos, cause I agree with everything people say: your work is briliant bro! thank you for making star wars looking much more epic with those short videos, it's amazing!

  7. The original Theatrical Teaser and Threatrical Trailer still holds up(both were great), but your version was also cool.

  8. I don’t think you fully understand the style of the new sw trailers, especially the ep8. Try not give away so much and reveal something powerful and mysterious in the end. Nice sound track sync tho

  9. Could you guys check out my trailer? I made one on 10 Years of the Marvel Cinematic universe. It’s only HALF of the trailer because the file is too large. It is my first trailer… can you guys see it?

  10. Only thing I'm not a fan of is putting in Palpatine's dialogue. We all know he is the Emperor from the originals, but it would have been a great leading on to insinuate that perhaps Maul is really the master and Palpatine is his apprentice to kind of give a bait and switch on who is really pulling the strings on the Dark Side because that's an ever present situation I feel with in regards to Siths

  11. You had the chance to use Anakins "woooooohoo" and you didn't do it. Huge disappointment. 😉 Great trailer!

  12. Very well done. A brilliant tribute to the movie that opened the door to a galaxy far far away for me as a child.

  13. Still cant get past Jar Jar. . . .What needs to happen is there should be a massive movement for everyone to do their best to physically destroy every single copy of the prequels. . . . other than that, Great job on this Modern Trailer !!

  14. Absolutely astounding. Most “modern trailers” on YouTube are very mediocre but this… is next level.

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