Star Wars – Will Mara Jade Appear in Episode IX?

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  1. I still think it would be neat if everything in the latter half of 7 and all of 8, were a force-induced hallucination on Rey by Kylo. Have ep 9 be Luke coming to save the day and break her out of the dream.

  2. I hope she’s Luke’s former protege who trains Rey or she is Snoke’s badass fallen apprentice and she is the big bad. If she’s Mara Jade…. to me that’s only interesting if Rey is Luke and Mara’s daughter.

  3. Hopefully not, they'll probably ruin her character then kill her off like every other interesting character.

  4. Will Mara Jade be in the next star war movie….. I dunno… if a tree falls in the woods… and nobody is there to hear the sound…. did it really make a sound? 9 will be the 3rd star wars in a row ive 100% skipped.

  5. I don't fucking care if they bring Alec Guinness from the grave, I won't watch Episode IX. I was disappointed when I watched TFA, I went to the premiere. I gave it a second chance when TLJ came out, though this time I didn't attend the premiere, and this movie turned out to be even worse, I don't know how it was greenlit. Now it's over, I don't want to watch my characters being butchered by Lucasfilm.

  6. No matter what you people say about me i liked episode 7 and 8 and i am a white male SW fan i admit TLJ is not perfect but the message in that movie clear our 3 heroes way past their prime and moved on to be mentors

  7. Chick Fil A?? I love Jesus Chicken!! I go there every Tuesday for breakfast!! My favorite place!!!

  8. Well if they do a good job of Mara Jade, then it's all good, but they'd have an up hill battle to clean up TLJ. Considering she was the Emperor's Hand in the EU, she's a good choice to slot in, taking that into consideration, she'd be one of the few you could realistically say had the training of Darth Plagus and "stop people from dying" shtick that Palaptine and Vader seemed to not be capable of. That could explain a few things that made Rey seem Mary Sue at first, if there was a back seat driver, Battle Mediation is not just for the Holidays! But it would need to be a well written character, look at Alien's Ripply to get an idea how, stong and feminine is not easy to pull off.

  9. The fall of Star Wars started with Darth Maul. Darth Maul died in The Phantom Menace…sliced in half by Obi Wan. Then… many Star Wars Hypergeeks whined and cried to have him back. What does that mean…? Does it mean that Darth Maul is the first Mary Poppins Star Wars character…? Yes. So, for money purposes Maul has been brought back from the dead. Rebels is garbage for doing this. Ron Howard is a jackass because his son cried to have Maul in the Soylo movie. In the end, this was the beginning of the end of Star Wars. It's because of the whiny Star Wars babies that this downfall has happened. You asked for it.. and Disney was happy to hear and adapt the motto…We can do anything we want to… No rules thanks to the Hypergeeks.

  10. They just keep throwing character names into the rumor mill, like that’s going to re excite the fanbase…. PLEASE Can we just get ONE freakin’ movie in this misguided trilogy where Rey, Finn, and Poe get to be the same type of cool Star Warriors that Luke, Han, and Leia were throughout the ENTIRE OT!? No? Ok, then, “Hey, Salacious Crumb is rumored for ep IX, that’ll fix things!” No wonder no one care anymore. 🤨

  11. Actually, too many female characters is actually true. Because most of the movie goers are women, and they don't want to see women in action films. They want handsome men prancing about on the screen. Most don't care about the story, they just want to see their favourite actors on screen.


  13. What if Mara Jade is only MISSING, and Luke's reported "death" (if he's really dead) brings about her (re)emergence in the SW film franchise . . . ?

  14. Christian Bale is the worst, over acting, garbage batvoice ever! WTF!? Bale BLOWS! Batfleck is THE BEST. Keaton is close second. Then Conrad and then 60's TV Bat! If you don't agree, you don't know Batman. Nobody thinks Bale was good. Everything else was good. What!?

  15. Bale was FN Horrible as Bruce and The Bat! Damn! WTF!? Over acting growl from sniveling pussy Bruce? WOW!?


    I'm with you Jeremy. As a kid the two films that were THE thing to me back then were the G.I.JOE and Transformers movies.

    … well, that and the original TMNT film. I still have VHS tapes for all of them, TMNT's one being the most memorable one with the green casing. Sad to think it's been decades since and they STILL have more soul than crap nowadays.

  17. I honestly don’t care. The only way I’d see this movie is if they: publicly fire Rian.J and KK, apologize for the treatment of the fans, actually convince me that it’s worth seeing, and getting perfect reviews from the public. And since none of this is going to happen let’s make them release the last season of clone wars.

  18. LucasFilms can cast whoever they want to, but if they do not rehabilitate Luke and bring Mark Hamill back into spotlight, fix the lore and dispense with 10yo movies attitude, they will not get the viewers. Nor the money.

  19. Well, my fear is that a Mara Jade would be "bait": They turn her into this super feminist "master" for Rey who teaches her how to be a strong and independent Force woman and when the fans of the source material come out and criticize how that character was handled they will turn around and say:"See? We gave them stuff from the expanded universe and they still moan and gripe just because she's a woman. The fanbase really IS toxic!"

  20. I hope she doesn’t. That’ll give the movie too much hype and it may possibly do good, giving Kathleen some wiggle room as far as her being forced to step down.

  21. Two films into this new trilogy and we still don’t know anything about the current poorly written female (and male) characters (Rey, Capt. Phasma, etc.) and now they are introducing another poorly written female character. What a waste of time and no interest in watching E9. SW is dead!!!

  22. EA Battlefront 2 sucks. I just can't play it with all the sequel fan fiction content and the developers are so bad at adding new content.

  23. If they make her Mara Jade, they will prob make Keri's character such an SJW-femi-nazi and the real reason why Luke hid on a remote planet and why he really cut himself off from the force. She will also be wearing THE FORCE IS FEMALE shirts throughout the movie as well.

  24. Her relevance is lost. This is like omitting Leia until episode 6 and losing out in her interaction development with Luke and Han. I know her incorporation into the movie franchise is an act of desperation, but even that cannot justify her presence.

  25. If Mara Jade is in this, they'll butcher her character too and cast some yukky actress to play her. You know whats sad about Star Wars, is with all this bullshit going on, and with KK and co. still all there for now, they are wasting time for all the older fans of the OT who are the majority of the fandom who really give a shit about Star Wars. While Marvel is pumping out 2 to 3 good to great films a year and succeeding, Star Wars is wasting time. Now is the time for Lucasfilm to also be pumping out 2 to 3 good to great films, a live action tv series, an animated TV series like in the vain of The Clone Wars, and restart LucasArts so they can create lots of games. All this content needs to revolve around three eras.
    1. The Old Republic;
    2. The origins of the Jedi and the Sith;
    3. After ROTJ revolving around Luke and Mara Jade, the new Jedi Academy, eradication of the Empire, and establishment of The New Republic. Include Leis and Han, Lando and Chewie, Admiral Ackbar and Mon Mothma, and also Ahsoka Tano, Sabine Wren, Hera and Zeb looking for Ezra. You could Ahsoka also helping Luke establish the Jedi Academy.
    The next 10 – 15 years is time to make this happen, otherwise the older fans who are mostly excited for this and have been waiting for such a long time may eventually start getting old and dying off without ever getting to see any of this come to fruition.

  26. It's becoming more clear to me by the day that Star Wars movies as we know them are over. What ever Disney churns out from here on out with the Star Wars label is going to be nothing but cash grabs with no attention being paid to story or strong well written characters.

  27. They don't do anything from the already written books for Star Wars… Now they want to Add Mara Jade. WTF ever. can't wait till that butchery.

  28. Jeremy,
    The reason for the SJW crap about the poster is because they can’t argue on what they stand for. All they have is straw man arguments, so they have to try to make it about something else.

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