Stop using Facebook – Facebook tracks you online, offline & sells your privacy everywhere

Stop using Facebook. Facebook tracks you online and offline, creating profile for targeted advertisements. Facebook knows what you buy and what sites you visit. You should stop using Facebook, because Facebook tracks your browsing history. Do you know where Facebook sells your private information? Facebook privacy policy is a masterpiece of deception. Facebook tracks your web browsing history, and not just on their websites. Maybe it’s time to stop using Facebook. Facebook marketing is a problem and Facebook tracking users

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Facebook tracks you online and offline | Facebook privacy policy
It’s known that Facebook collects and sells all of your personal information on their social network for their Facebook ads.Facebook tracks your online and offline activities everywhere you go. With newly introduced Facebook IDs, Facebook will recording your browsing history through social media plugins and like and share buttons on websites, and use Facebook mobile apps to track your offline activities, physical location, and telemetric data.
Stop using Facebook | Facebook sells your information
Facebook privacy issue is a severe threat to our current democracy. Facebook stands behind big data broking marketing industry that collects your personally identifiable information, creates a personalized profile on you, and sell that information to retailers and governments around the world. There is no privacy protection. It’s not explained in the Facebook privacy policy. You have no idea to know where Facebook sells your private information Facebook targeted advertisements | Facebook privacy
Acxiom collects Facebook data and matches them with your personally identifiable information. The goal is to sell customer recognition to its retail clients. Will you stop using Facebook?

Facebook Atlas ad platform

Facebook privacy policy

Facebook ads sharing your personally identifiable data
Facebook apps collecting and selling personal information

Facebook tracking through social like and share buttons and plug-ins

From social media service to
advertising network. A critical analysis of Facebook’s Revised Policies and Terms

Acxiom data broker

Acxiom Audience Operating System
Acxiom customer recognition and 360 degree view on consumers

FTC seeks privacy regulations and Acxiom is aware

FTC report on data broking marketing industry
Epsilon security breach
Surveillance economy
Ranking of consumer according to their monetization opportunity

Advertising is NOT anonymous Stanford research

Do not call law

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  1. Always hated and never trusted Facebook since day one, and this video has both made me proud with my decision to never touched that website, and to have avoided the terrible invasion of privacy they have done over the years….

  2. I have Facebook account, but I didn't fill my personal information, email I use for registration was purposely created for this and it contains fake information about me,I don't post anything, I don't share anything…. all I do is keeping in touch with few people… I have always thought they have nothing on me…. although I was digging deep in FB account and privacy settings to find out that you can disable SOME of data collectable options. But not all.
    I am not a fan of FB but I found out it has proven itself quite useful ( during finals mostly)…
    but it doesn't change the fact that this is a real shady behavior and it should be banned.

  3. Can you explain how all of the information is tied to the 5g network? Also you should combine every 3 videos you make into a series of free "documentary" and get it all over the web so it always exists. Please and thanks

  4. And there's still much more crazy stuff going on, I think this is only the beginning of a long facebook video series lol
    For me, I deleted my account a while ago and blocked everything facebook related network wide + in each client using a blocklist. It's better than nothing I guess..
    Thanks for your good work man!

  5. This kinda stuff will never change because it brings in money and business to the site that takes the info and the company that buys it to target people the only way to stop this is for everyone in the world to change identities and never use the internet again

  6. Great video as always. I was wondering if you could make a video on online dating and privacy? I curious how it can affect us privately and socially.

  7. The best facebook video ever 😀 I am not using facebook for two years and I think that was the best thing I ever did 😀 good job guy keep going

  8. Your solution is so intuitive….

    is social security number beneficial or staying out of it a good choice

    Here in india they started to make Aadhar (similar to SSN) mandatory… Should staying of out this unique id is a good choice

  9. No google, no facebook. The only solution to get away from tracing is just to simply not use the internet. Which is very dumb

  10. The productions values for such a small channel are incredible, I see channels with 100 times more subscribers than you have with lesser production values.

  11. So messager of Facebook is doing this as well? Oh dear and I am aware to not use fb because it makes me depressed so I try to delete old or maybe I should delete/unlike all the things on fb. Likely none of that will help really.

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