Stormtrooper Battle Escape 2017 Ride Details for STAR WARS LAND – Disney News – 11/14/17

In this DSNY Newscast we discuss the latest details about the upcoming First Order/Stormtrooper Battle Escape Attraction that’s coming to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge (Star Wars Land). Additionally BIG CHANGES to how Star Tours operates at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

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  1. Hidden Mickey at 4:35
    I think just "Attack of the First Order" would be great. Its simple, its threatening, and they could incorporate a story line where the First Order directly attacks this new planet where "Galaxy's Edge" takes place.

  2. Am I the only one that is sad that they are getting away from the original and prequel trilogies? There are a ton of characters and settings from those movies that are iconic. The sequel trilogy just doesn't really have the number of settings at this time to really warrant that kind of action. But that's just my two cents.

  3. I think they'll be reusing the animatronics from The Great Movie Ride. I'm sure there'll be a storm trooper singing Singing in the Rain.

  4. 4:35 I would name the attraction
    Star Wars a galactic battle it would make sense with the other movie names and goes along with the story line of a battle

  5. 4:35 For the Battle Escape attraction name, since you're right in the middle of a battle with the First Order Stormtroopers, I think they could name the attraction "Escape From Starkiller Base" because it looks like the battle will be taking place inside the oscillator. This is just like the mission in "The Force Awakens" to save Rey and blow up Starkiller Base.

  6. 4:34 Mickey. I think it should be called, "The Force Escapes"
    No "battle" in the name, too aggressive. No "First Order" in the name, too specific to the latest movie (and possibly this trilogy, and not the side movies or next trilogy to come).
    Your connection to the myth of Star Wars is through the concept of the force. And your connection to the adventure and thrill of the ride is through the concept of escape.

  7. 4:35 Escape from the Supremacy. The Supremacy is the Megastar Destroyer that is the base the First order uses as it's base after the events of TFA.

  8. Mikey at 4:35 – Title for the Ride – EA Presents Star Wars Battlefront III, halfway through the ride you can buy tokens to purchase supply drops for the remainder of the ride. If you choose not to purchase the supply drops you don't get to see any of the heros or villians.

  9. I know I might sound like some petty fanboy, but I'd like to see more original trilogy stuff. I know the new trilogy is distinctly Disney, but it just feels wrong to not have Darth Vader intercept your Star Speeder, or fly through the Death Star. If it conflicts with the timeline to have the scenes from the new trilogy feature the characters from the new trilogy, just don't include them. I'm sure they could find a way to make a story on Jakku work without having the Millennium Falcon there too.

  10. Mickey 4:35, great newscast Jack, keep up the good work. As for the ride, I would like to see something like "Battle of The First Order".

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