Superhero News #38: Star Wars Character Posters Revealed!

Today’s Topics:
1. ‘Star Wars’ character posters revealed

2. Nicole Kidman in talks to join ‘Wonder Woman’

3. ‘Doctor Strange’ set photos

4. 60+ things to know about ‘Deadpool’
(Pick the best 4)

5. Dying fan sees ‘Star Wars’ early

6. Lightsabers, masks banned from theaters

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  1. did you guys already see the new Star Wars Trailer, the japanese one? Is amazing. You have to do a video about it.

  2. Marvel: Doctor Strange photos get online.

    me: wow I can't believe the best marvel movie is less then a year away.

  3. I honestly don't get why they didn't make Dr. Strange British. There is no need to make him a born New Yorker, and we need more people who are not American in the MCU, especially in the movies.

  4. Bringing a light saber to a theater would distract me. I got that amc ant-man poster and having it during the movie bugged me.

  5. Holy shit, listening to you guys talking about going to the cinema is fascinating to me. Is it really that terrifying going to the theatre in the states? That just sounds depressing to me.

  6. Charlie Hunnam could pull off an American accent in Sons of Anarchy, so i am sure Cumberbatch can do it too, with the right coach.

  7. I have always noticed that British and Australian actors do very good (American) Southern accents. And that actors from the south or with southern accents do English accents well.

  8. I have always noticed that British and Australian actors do very good (American) Southern accents. And that actors from the south or with southern accents do English accents well.

  9. Have you guys seen the Instagram posts of Tom Holland with the peter parker looks and doing crazy ass gymnastics? How exciting is that?!

  10. Before I Go to Sleep was a decent popcorn movie on Netflix with Nicole Kidman.
    And Ryan Reynolds said he had to steal a suit, but he has one.

  11. Speaking of Strange, I loved Hector's comment from your last live Q & A on who would win in a fight between Marvel's Dr. Strange and DC's Dr. Fate: The fans. I'm thinking, "No shit! I would so totally pay big money to watch that!" I could care less about ever seeing Supes fight Thor or the Hulk or Batman square off vs. Daredevil or Moon Knight or even Aquaman v. Namor (although, a much less costly animation crossover could be really cool). I'd probably be up for Wonder Woman v. Captain Marvel (and much as I love Carol Danvers, my $ would be on the Amazon Princess). But Dr. Fate vs. Dr. Strange? I'd buy out a week's worth of seats and take that week off work and simply live at the cinema!  But the special effects budget would be the size of many countries' gross domestic product for a year!

  12. The gun culture in the US is out of hand. I had to keep my youngest daughter home from school today, because of a mass shooting threat. No other industrial nation of the world has a daily gun deaths (90 per day according to the FBI, including accidents, suicides, and homicides) ratio equal to a war zone.  This has spilled over even into my enjoyment of characters like The Punisher. I used to think of Castle as an anti-hero, but more and more I think of him as a villain.

  13. When I first saw the Rey poster, I was like, "Since when is Channing Tatum in Star Wars?…oh, wait." And in Canada I can wear whatever I want to opening day. Why? Well, I'd rather not get into it.

  14. Okay, I'm hearing more rumors that Marvel is STILL trying to "science"–explain the magical and mystical in Dr. Strange–including sub-atomic particles!  This makes me furious. I don't believe in magic–in OUR universe.  But real magic is an integral part of the Marvel universe, including Dr. Strange, Iron Fist, Ghost Rider, Hellstorm, Blade, Brother Voodoo, Moon Knight, etc.  And if Feige is afraid of having it in the MCU, I will be VERY disappointed and so will many fans. I know lots of fans have been screaming about this, but Marvel doesn't seem to be listening.

  15. Its called 'BATTLE MEDITATION', like Bastilla Shan does in Knights of the Old Republic… 🙂
    But that can only be done by someone who is in total control of the Force, a proper trained Sith or Jedi so, thats out, lol!

  16. Before I heard this whenever it first came out, I wanted to take my Kylo saber but its not big deal, sure it sucks but that's just the world of today.

  17. I think Cumberbatch can pull it off, he used a Southern accent in August: Osage County so he can definitely do New York. Also as for the theatre rules, I think they're fine but shouldn't count for children.

  18. I have a question, what are your guy's thoughts on people boycotting Doctor Strange (2016). Because of Stephen Strange being "white washed", because in the comics. Strange did not look like he's white. People speculate that his ethnicity/backgrounds derive from Armenia, Latin America, Mexican, or some kind of Gypsy.

  19. I've been waiting for them to get a Wonder Woman movie off  the ground for so long, I've lost count of the years and FINALLY a Dr. Strange movie, I didn't think they would ever make that movie come true!

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