Survey says – Ethereum Better than Bitcoin? – Not Enough Data

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Is Ethereum actually better than Bitcoin? Wait….

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Note: This is not financial advice as all investing is speculative. Have fun and good luck!

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Written by frances

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  2. Give your reasons why Bitcoin is any better than any other technology and why you want to offload from Ethereum to go to Bitcoin.
    It’s not enough for us to just tell us what you will be doing. Please explain reasons so your subscribers can make sense of your decisions . Thanks

  3. ETH has a liberal community governance model, BTC has a conservative governance model built into the code. Average age of those who took the survey??? Probably younger people because that's who is predominantly involved with crypto currency atm. Doesn't surprise me one bit.

    BTC is like the Texas of crypto – booming. ETH is like the California – once beautiful, but now destroyed with sh!t and needle filled streets, homelessness, high taxes, horrible education systems, unenforced immigration policy, and people leaving in droves.

  4. Iota isn't a cryptocurrency but its still a good product from my understanding. xrp not being a cryptocurrency doesn't bother me one bit. Unless I'm missing something. I know its a bankers coin and it was pre mind still don't see the problem.

  5. Smart contracts seem to be hated by criminals

    Not suggesting you are

    Im sure youre just stirring the pot

  6. My personal opinion is that Bitcoin will always rise, because when people that's new to crypto speak about it they don't say "should I invest in crypto?" they say "should I invest in Bitcoin?". They think Bitcoin is the term for crypto currency.

  7. Thumbs up for XRP the #1 digital asset. XRP will surpass "Etidium" in market cap by Q4 this 2018. BTC for growth and storage of wealth / XRP for utility and movement of wealth. This is the dynamic that the mainstream world will incorporate into the existing system unless ww3 happens or something crazy outside of the crypto-verse. Good work tho Petah, God bless you.

  8. Ethereum is cheaper to use than Bitcoin. Also as it's been for some time, it's better to mine Ethereum if you're a GPU miner. Nicehash sux cause their fees are too high, and they trade ETH to BTC for you. You're better off mining somewhere cheaper then trading the ETH for BTC yourself on an exchange if that's what you want.

    For buyers interested in purchasing altcoin it's wiser to by Ethereum as it will result in a higher volume of value after trading it. The value of a coin doesn't matter while we're putting as much as we want into them.

  9. ETH is the more exciting project with a clear roadmap and vastly more potential. BTC is great too, I don't understand why your channel hates ETH and disrespects Vitalik. Sad.

  10. I have just converted all my bitcoin to ethereum an hour ago. Why? Simply because of the unusual resistance of ethereum few hours ago vs bitcoin…

  11. Give me the Data that says Bitcoin is a better investment then Ethereum….? At this point, both depends on what price you paid for either one….

  12. ethereum went up to $1,400 in Jan..  so it has been there once.  I'd rather have it or some other smart coin that doesn't split.  A bunch of altcoins are under valued and bitcoin is OVER priced.  The real price for bitcoin is about $1,500. the only reason it's above that is confusion of its value by people who don't know..  Which happens with anything new..  When a new precious metal or gem or piece of art is discovered, people's estimates on value can vary widely..  until it becomes understood… understood as to how much effort it took to retrieve one…  the more HUMAN EFFORT that it takes to procure something of interest the more value there is… EFFORT = Money.   

    Right now it takes less than $1,500 total worth in human effort to acquire 1 bitcoin.  As the market begins to gradually realize this its price will creep back down to there and stabilize.  The price it is now is a bubble of misunderstanding. 

    It needs meta-data of the history of transactions for banks to ever accept it, which other altcoins are going to offer.

  13. the reason the article says how much money is being put into ether, yet you say 'how come the price doesn't go up?' is because buying into something doesn't exactly always make a price go up. 

    The prices go up or down only when people buy into a coin yet willing to pay far across the spread.. in either direction.
    And it takes nothing for a price to change.

    Example: lets say someone spent a few billion dollars on a coin and jacked the price majorly by paying all the asking prices…  and lets say the coin started out at 1$ but is now trading at $800. 

    Now, if trading activity suddenly stopped because people feared a pop…  and everyone closed off their orders from uncertainty.. and then just ONE MAN places an offer to sell his one coin up on the market for sale.. [now worth 800$] but he just asks for 1$.. someone pays it..  Now that coin is instantly back to where it started.  unlikely to happen.. but possible… and even if someone did that once, the next people that sell are unlikely to copy. but anything is possible.

     the point is that whether we are talking billions of volume or 1$ of volume.. price can be whatever, at any given moment.  All it takes is for one person to offer to pay a ridiculous fee for something and for the other party to go along with it.  

    Supply has little to do with it.  Ripple, with its near 40 bil supply can jump to 1,000$ over night with very few sales.. it just depends on what the people do. 

    Naturally you don't usually see big price jumps from little spending but that is only because most people trading are smart enough + greedy enough to not do that… so it never really happens or is so rare. 
    If i pay 1$ for 1 bitcoin tomorrow and the world hears about and all buyers decide to cancel their orders and redo them  at 1$ for 1 bitcoin and nobody caves in to pay a 5000+$ asking price..  eventually someone will need to liquid their money and go for it.. sell for 1$.. even if it is a stand-off for months.. someone will cave in.  and now that is the new price and all of those sellers will commit suicide because of buying high when nobody is willing to pay more than 1$ now.

  14. Even though bitcoin will all ways be the top dog, I would rather invest in ethereum then any other alt coin with the exception to bitcoin.

  15. If you think bitcoin will hit an all time high. Shouldn’t ethereum hit an all time high too??? Lol! I’m new to the crypto area

  16. How do you know Bitcoin is the smarter option? Is your investment big enough to triple its market cap? I don't think so.. Sit down bro..

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