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    NAZI Websites F*CK OFF! – TechNewsDay

    GoDaddy and various other internet companies finally decided to take down Daily Stormer. …in other news, here’s the list of reputable places you can find real eclipse glasses ■ Follow us on TWITCH! ■ Our merch is now available! Check it out at ■ LINKS TO OUR SOURCES: • GoDaddy Shuts Down White Supremacist Sites […] More

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    Netflix EXTORTED By HACKERS! – TechNewsDay

    It was only a matter of time before hackers set their sights on Netflix and tried to extort them for a precious bitcoin ransom. Check out Phil’s new channel: ■ Our merch is now available at Paid promotion by Host Gator – ■ LINKS TO OUR SOURCES: • Netflix hacked • Facebook and Google got […] More