Taylor Swift & One Direction DISSED by Oasis Singer Noel Gallagher

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Major feud alert: Taylor Swift AND One Direction have been dissed and it’s hittin’ headlines pretty hard…

That’s right, guys. So we’re not really sure why the Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher has seriously lashed out, but he recently revealed to Rolling Stone about his new solo gig, annnnnd how he literally hates the world… specifically pop music… Especially T-Swift, One Direction AND Ed Sheeran… UHHHH WHAT?

Gallagher went on a rage about pop music, saying, QUOTE, “Modern pop music is bland nonsense. There isn’t even a word yet that’s capable of describing it. If it was a color, it would be beige…It’s like a milky brown. Not for me.”

And when Rolling Stone mentioned Swift’s impeccable songwriting skills, he fired back, saying, QUOTE, “Who said that? Her parents.” And when the magazine quickly answered with, “lots of people” because, duh, it’s Taylor Swift, all hell broke loose. Noel replied, QUOTE, “”Who’s ‘people’? Name these people. You’re f–king lying. She seems like a nice girl, but no one has ever said those words, and you f–king know it.”

Gallagher, BITTER PARTY OF ONE?! But he didn’t stop there… Even after he admitted to liking Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction, he just can’t support their music, saying, QUOTE, “They’re lovely lads. But I’ve got to say, I have difficulties with people who don’t write their own songs, who’ve got a team of songwriters who work for your record label.” Buttt we should mention thatttt all of these artists DO write their own songs for the most part, soooo we’re thinkin’ Noel needs to put a cork in it.

Especially when it comes to Ed Sheeran, an artist who writes ALL of his own music, and his performances focus solely on his vocal ability. Noel handed it to him the hardest, after Ed sold out Wembley Stadium, but I mean, it’s Ed Sheeran…..

And PS, Anyone who’s Anyone should know by now that you don’t fight with Taylor Swift. You’re literally just asking to be burned. And written about. And hated by the world’s population… also known as Swifties.

So about this Swift diss, I mean, yeah Noel was defiantly way out of line, BUT sometimes only good things come out of a T-Swift feud. Like a new song orrrr even a brand new friendship, (COUGH) KANYE. Soooo Do you think Taylor will reply and if so, in which way? Maybe a songggg or a tweet? SOEBODY has to say SOMETHING!! Sound off in the comments section below, and then click right on over here to check out the OTHER celebs Who’ve Dissed Taylor Swift. LEAVE TAYLOR ALONEEEEEE! Alright, enough of that. Happy Tuesday and thanks for hangin’ with Clevver News, I’m your host, Ryland Adams, and before you leave us, don’t forget to subscribe!

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  1. one direction and Justin bieber shouldn't exist for the sake of the profession of the world, thousands have died and heroes have died from given up on the world and true people dead to from the poison and lack of respect for humanity what these two people are given and get real people get nothing.

  2. 1direction are shite and Taylor swift is a slut. And ed is an attention seeking mong who only writes song to kill yourself along to.

  3. He really isn't having a massive rant as this makes out. He's from Manchester, every third word from most mancs is an F-word. It's just the way he speaks. I get the impression Mancunian doesn't translate well in America. Plus, Noel is actually right on this one and he's the one who's songwriting will be celebrated for years to come, unlike Swift and One D who will undoubtedly end up as forgotten atrocities. Sorry.

  4. These faux news channels are irritating as hell. I want the original soundbyte; I don't need it read to me by some dork in a denim shirt.

  5. who ever likes these "musicians" or "like music in general are idiots everyone has their opinions and all that but seriously Taylor swift and one direction and sappy teen shite that have the same topic In every single songs they don't have a single ounce of song writing talent between them and are embarrassing music

  6. 'for the most part' – you idiot! slack jawed yank preaching about Britain's best song writer in a generation, not sure where he gets his audacity but your clearly have no idea what or who you are talking about. ed sheeran sold out wembley stadium to 80,000… and noel / oasis sold out Knebworth to 250,000 people. One of the UK's largest shows in history. do your research you moron.

  7. If Taylor Swift is classed as a good songwriter then I pity this world,what ever happened to real songwriters? John lennon,morrissey,ray Davies,Paul weller ect? and this host is a fucking moron talking about Taylor roasting noel lmao that shit only matters to 15 year old girls,noel could embarrass her in a single sentence.

  8. This rycker obviously don't know shit. Noel wasn't the oasis singer. "Anyone who's anyone should know not to start a feud with Taylor swift, because you'll be hated by the world" Oasis has 100x more fans than her, and anyone who knows anything about music knows it.

  9. I will give you a comment. You are fucking retarded if you think Noel Gallagher cares what other people think. Love on another? Open your fucking eyes your moron. The world's not sunshine and rainbow.

  10. Noel is dad. Doesn't give a flying fuck that's why it is so good to be independent in showbiz. Young people ( most of them ) don't even understand what he's talking about. You should've lived in 90's to get it

  11. I love noel and oasis and I am mainly into rock and indie music, but even I think he's abit wrong here or has been possibly misquoted (unlikely)

    Taylor Swift and 1 direction do write songs (to at least some significant degree) and he clearly doesn't know enough about them because he doesn't like them, which is fair enough.

    I think noel and oasis were better than swift ed sheeran and 1 D, but that's because I like that sort of music. people who aren't into rock or indie simply won't and obviously only get chart stuff or dead alternative stuff like metal

    as for it "all sounding the same", my mates who like Rnb and hiphop think rock all sounds the same just as much as me and noel would think rap sounds all the same – it's because we just aren't into those types of music

  12. the point its not that 1D write his music, the main issue it that its shit pop music ! meaneless songs that nobody remember in 20 years, and on the other hand noel songs because he wrote almost every song of oasis (band that has been compare to the beatles in terms of music btw) noel songs are timeless and meaningful, not like one direction that are prefabricated too sell cheap music and i dont being rude i have nothing against them just saying the truth!

  13. This dick head just said Noel Gallagher should be scared of getting into a feud with Taylor swift. Fucking hell he doesn't know what he's talking about.

  14. sorry but thats bull Taylor swift has to get back up cause she has but that makes her a pussy also liam and noel if they were on the same page would diss the fuck out of her she wouldnt know what just hit her

  15. I don't see all these die hard "swifties" and "directioners" queuing round the street just to get the new album

    I don't see many of them actually owning the album on physical (to those of you who have fair play)

    I don't see one direction or Taylor coming anywhere close to the deepness of songs like live forever or champagne supernova

    I don't see these rabid fans actually checking their facts or knowing who Oasis are before they fly off the hook

    I don't see 5% of the population applying to see Taylor or 1D. Even Ed couldn't scratch that one.

    I don't see this prick going up to Noel and saying this to his face anytime soon or he'd get his head smashed in and even then he'd be counting himself lucky that Liam wasn't in the room

  16. lol he's right, their music is pretty shit, i only like a handful of oasis's songs but its better by a long shot than any of the fucking garbage I've heard from these other cunts lol.

  17. The amount of swift fans in these comments is unsurprising not to mention the biased opinion of clevver saying that no one should mess with Taylor swift
    Noel is the sort of person who says what he wants and doesn't give a flying fuck
    Nowerdays people who straight up say opinions with no bullshit get triggerd fanboys/girls hating on them
    God the internet is a strange place

  18. Who the fuck is this cringey fake tanned cunt of an interviewer who is blatantly biased. And noel sold out wembley stadium you prick just so you know.

  19. the fact that he's saying swift could have written a song as a response about shows the depth of her songwriting abilities.

  20. This is why the media sucks. One famous person says another and you try to keep it going. So what if he said something? This tabloid drama has been getting old for 50 years.

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