Tech News Today 1320: Haha Is the New LOL!

Anchor: Mike Elgan and Co-Anchor: Lindsey Turrentine
8/10/2015: Facebook’s research team has found that LOL is no longer in vogue, Tesla is losing money on every car they sell, ad blockers go mainstream, new glasses that stop face recognition, and more…
Guests: Joe White, Greg Sterling, and Molly McHugh
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  1. By blocking all ads i am "basicly freeloading the internet"? What a load of BS. I pay my ISP for access to the internet, what i will and will not watch is nobody's business. As long as addblockers exist i will be using them. I am not paying my ISP to watch a bunch of ads and waste precious time that way. I really don't understand why not everyone is using addblocking software.

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