Tesla Model S Gets Hacked by Professionals

Aug. 10 — The Tesla Model S is the world’s most connected car, and it’s also one of the most secure. But after two years of in depth hacking, Marc Rogers, Principle Security Researcher for CloudFlare, and Kevin Mahaffey, CTO of Lookout Inc, have finally hacked the Tesla. Rogers and Mahaffey tell Bloomberg Television about their findings from the Def Con hacker conference in Las Vegas.

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  1. Come on, you hack it not because of you want it safer, but rather, it's not safe because of your hacking. How could a devils call themselves angels? You are doing this for the opportunity to work for Tesla or their competitors.

  2. Like to see them attempt to hack a broadcom system as 7 car makers are securing their models and having a closed system…

  3. Every car with a Wireless key can easily be hacked.(also: You can look up the position of your tesla every time on your smartphone in the tesla app)

  4. To clarify, they were only able to hack the 'infotainment' system, not the actual drivetrain and steering of the car. They could only adjust ride height, comfort settings, heated seats, air conditioning, maps, radio, and browser of the car in addition to the opening of doors, trunk, and sunroof. They did not in any way access the ability to turn on the car's power train, affect brakes, turn the steering wheel, or engage the motor(s). In addition, their attack was allowed an unlimited amount of time and the process seemed to take hours. It is unlikely a hacker would be able to gain full access to a Tesla without 'cloning' the key fob or hacking their Tesla account, or their phone. Yes they 'hacked' a tesla, but thieves wouldn't be able to do much besides opening the trunk and frunk to steal stuff, or google something with air conditioning and heated seats.

  5. I think you guys should try to hack it again maybe a bit harder. Starting to look like something might be hackable. I duno maybe its just coincidence but alot of recent crashes have all been in Cali and Florida over the years even. Doesn't seem like with the amount of those Cars around the world and North America now like its could be some underlying breach of security, Makes me think a local hacker perhaps found a way in or made there own back door in a past security update. But I am just paranoid like that sometimes haha,

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