Tesla suffers big losses as company ramped up Model 3 production

FBN’s Kristina Partsinevelos discusses Tesla’s second-quarter earnings report.

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  1. Elon Musk is an intelligent guy who founded Tesla but he can't run it profitably. He should sell this company to a bigger automaker like GM. They have the means…

  2. Those who smear Elon Musk never founded & sold successfully an entrepreneurial enterprise. But on their keyboard they say “Musk should do X instead of Y…” 😂😂😂

  3. Tesla got rid of the saboteur;
    that's got to help BIG time!
    [like 10-15% in production figures for the remainder of the year]

  4. No NO NOOO…… TESLA begin REVOLUTION in adoption off electric cars creating better electric car than ICE car. That what will be in history books, and it will also wrote in the mean time off Tesla growth lot off public media was surprisingly negative, financed by car companies like GM Who also killed electric car in 1996 and creating HYPE MACHINE that was supposed to destroy Tesla! Sooo "Hype Machine Media" stop until is to late maybe TESLA will also give YOU some money?! A few cents will be appropriate 😉

  5. Elon caused major players in motoring to buck up ideas about EVs.
    They are now playing catch up with trying to give false information on EVs giving them time as some suggested starting a takeover or stop completely the development of EVs for the continuation of petrol and diesel engines.
    Which is now impossible due to emerging markets from China based on the EVs formula.
    Oil is becoming the cigarette of the today age.
    You get some liking the odd cigar and others the odd cigarette as a extension of reliving the V8 old school.

  6. Since when has Tesla ever made a profit? They been losing all that tax payer subsidies. Which was propping it up…And to make a "Profit" you need to sell 500,000 cars a year at minimum!

  7. If you arent in it for the long term stick to short term stocks you dumbfucks just react to up and downa like a 3 year old child

  8. Another Bs click bait headline from Fox. Tesla reported record revenue! Who writes your headlines fox? Hope you go bankrupt

  9. Soooo boring. Now you get to play the "WILL THEY BE PROFITABLE IN Q3?" angle with negative slant…then when they are you get another 3 months of "WILL THEY REMAIN PROFITABLE FOR Q4?"so boring….so tired. Meanwhile they're completely disrupting the transportation industry on your watch (300,000 vehicles delivered in the next 12 months making it no.1 selling in US ALL models except F150 truck).

  10. More talking heads who’ve never started or run a business and only care about short term numbers. Who cares what you think? You’re reactionary and pander for clicks and eyeballs, providing nothing with actual value.

  11. Yes…I'm sure the WWE/nascar/mma cage appreciaters will all blindly agree with this fox news story….have to play to your audience, because actually getting deep into understanding of what's going on would lose them like basic calculus/biology/chemistry did in highschool. Thanks fox for dumbing it down

  12. I've made over 130% in two years on Tesla! Never bet against Elon musk ever! You will fucking lose guarantee even big oil is losing. They're freaking out and getting talking puppets spewing bullshit.

  13. Props to Musk for Paypal but ever since then he has been looking for a way to go bankrupt and I think he found it.

  14. Lol, in July Tesla sold almost 70% of ev's in America, and that number will only go up for at least the next 3 months. The headline may be Tesla has 80% Bev market share in the us for q3

  15. useless ignorant false negative propaganda against Tesla. Meanwhile, Tesla stock is up 15%!!! Fuck all the parasitic short, fuck oil and fuck evey other car manufacturer.

  16. Elon Musk is doing and creating some of the greatest things of this day and age… he will be the one going down in history as a hero

  17. Investing in production and making a better product is only positive. Sure there is no profit now, but look at for instance Amazon. These days profit is not that important as market share. And Musk is getting more and more market share while keeping prices relatively high. I would say: Well done!

  18. FOX business needs to wake up about negativity about Tesla. Oil and old car companies are dying industries. Tesla will lose money for a while…that will be true for 6 months, BUT it will change because the DEMAND for Model 3 is outrageous.

  19. Hey some asshole is pushing a car that flies,…maybe he should offer stock,.that way idiots can buy it,raise the value of the company to more than Ford, and when the big autos notice and start making flying car better built and cheaper everyone who bought stock will cry for someone to go to jail because they paid 350 a share for a company that hasn’t made a dime yet

  20. Here is what will happen in Q3 (4,…): they will not be profitable, of course, they will claim their margins are improving. Which is due to their creative accounting pushing the losses to another line (service, etc.).

  21. It is clear that Fox Business does not understand the electric car business, Tesla or Elon Musk or they just want the shorts to win at the cost of the people of earth and the entire planet's survival. Tesla, nor any of Elon's companies will never consistently meet his goals because he sets them so high but it pushes them to achieve what most others would deem impossible. The stock is up because of performance results in production, quality, innovation, growth and easily foreseeable profitability given the cost reductions and productivity increases. Basic business basics that Fox Business evidently has a difficult time comprehending. Hoping Fox Business at some time in the near future gets on the side of the people and saving the planet. We should all be supporting Tesla and other like minded companies.

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