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if you blindly rely on popular sources of “news” to inform you about Bitcoin and crypto-currency then you are going against one of the foundations of Bitcoin. Don’t lock yourself in an echo chamber- be your own boss when it comes to learning about cryptos and BTC! You miss out on a lot of exciting opportunities to get more Bitcoin if you only pay attention to the headlines and the headline readers.
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  1. I have 0.2398 BTC and 100+/- LTC waiting for it to get close to a hundred or more and planning on selling it for Bitcoin should I wait or just do it now?!? Thank you and have a good one?!?

  2. NEVER use a valuable appreciating asset like bitcoin for a consultation. There is excellent free advice on a hundred different  YouTube channels. If you feel the  need to pay for advice, pay in depreciating fiat.

    The consult fee of 0.15 bitcoin  is worth $691 US today and could be worth double that in 2 months. It may even hit  a $100,000 in 5 years.

    As for the dimestore  psychological help offered on this channel, it's best to use someone who's a qualified accredited professional with a degree in psychology.
    0.15btc is nearly $700 an hour and proffessional consultation  normally runs $75 – $100 an hour

    Remember as Adam emphasizes "GOLD n HOLD your bitcoin which means NEVER EVER sell it "

    Bitcoin Proper People  ?

  3. Yes, this was recently discussed on "This Week in Startups" that you no longer need Silicon Valley credentials. In other words, Bitcoin has even disrupted Silicon Valley, Angel List, and venture capital incumbents. Bad news for San Francisco real estate! Look at Satoshi, Sunny King, Mr. Watanabe, not only do they have no reputation, they almost don't even exist.

  4. Does Steemit have any real competition, or do you recommend signing up? I read the whitepaper when it first launched, and I was not convinced. I call it the Chuck-E-Cheese business model. Dollars -> Tokens -> Tickets -> Toys… Steemit has a similar flow, where the "game tokens" aren't even on a blockchain, and there's a hidden timebomb written into the code where the inflation changes after year 2, or something like that. It's been a while since I reviewed it. Has any of that changed?

  5. Last question… I deleted my Twitter ages ago because of all the bots, and people were just broadcasting with Buffer or some tool like that. Hardly anyone was reading the tweets. Do you think it's better now? Is Twitter helping your business?

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