The 5 Most ELITE IMPERIAL GUARD UNITS in Star Wars Legends

On today’s Star Wars Top 5, we look at the 5 Most Elite Imperial Guard units from Star Wars Legends.

Everyone knows Palpatine’s Royal Red Guards, but that represents only a small part of the Galactic Empire’s Elite Guardsmen. Today, we look at Imperial Sentinels and Sovereign Protectors from Dark Empire, the Shadow Guards from The Force Unleashed, and several variants of the Imperial Royal Guard. All this and more on today’s Star Wars Legends Top 5!

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  1. I just hate anything related to Force Unleashed being included in the shared universe. Shadowguards existed to provide the mary sue with a tougher opponent, they have no place being in the Star Wars universe in general. It would have been a lot more interesting to here about the crimson stormtroopers or dark troopers.

  2. Hey, here’s a thought. The movie Harlock: Space Pirate has a ship called the Arcadia that seems like it would be a match for an Imp Deuce Star Destroyer. What would it take for a vs match?

  3. Great video, though gotta say i was alittle disappointed that the imperial knights didn't make an apperance, i get they are post palpatine but still.

  4. Pretty sure everything that needs to be said about the the Imperial Guard units was said in that bit from the Nostalgia Critic's The Force Awakens review.

  5. Remember, the 501st were defeated by a bunch of teddy bears!

    No REAL LIFE Army would lose to such pathetic forces EVER!

    It would be like the Zulus beating Navy Seals on Crack AND Steroids ARMED with Drones!

  6. Royal Guards, trained to be the best of the best and selected to protect Palpatine

    gets knocked over by Yoda and dies

  7. Kind of glad you didn't include the 40k Custodes on this one. They are just absurd in their abilities, and can quite easily thrash a Space Marine.

  8. Palpatine had an obsession for having the biggest, most advanced, most elite things and that shows up here as well. "My bodyguards weren't enough to save me from getting thrown down one of the many bottomless pits I keep in all my rooms? …I shall make BIGGER, MEANER bodyguards!" "But sir, I thought you didn't want aliens as bodyguards?" "I said MAKE, not 'hire some huge aliens.' Get me to my clone lab."

  9. I liked this one. Yeah it had been a minute since you did a top 5. I cannot really make an educated comment b/c it has been a while since I read the Darkhorse Comics Star Wars Royal Guard limited series. I remember liking it a great deal and it gave some in depth insight on the Royal Guard. Thanks for doing this episode it was informative and as always entertaining. Keep up the good work.

  10. I think the Imperial Knights were the best, wrong empire and emperor i know, but I think they are way more powerful than any of the other Imperial Guards.

  11. EchartsLadder, i want you to compare the Lost Planet series weapons, energy sources, science, vehicles, warships etc, to the Halo series, Star Wars series, mechassault series, Tiatinfall series, Sonic Unleashed, Star Trek series, Mass Effect series, the daleks and Cyberman (Doctor who anime)- (information) and the characters of the Doctor Who series, Max Steel, the animated show, Battleship (2012) the movie and the Vanquish video game. I recommend you do that.

  12. Internet Zen Master…so true so true
    82nd Attempt:
    Reapers against the Yuuzhan Vong
    *Try 130 is around where I want this video made

  13. In all truth.

    The Custodes would murder them with a single shield company or Constantin Valdor himself.

    Great vid btw.

  14. In the game the Shadow Guard apears to be rather powerful. They use force repulse, force lightning and seem to have rather impressive telekinetic abilities. I have even read that they could use force whirlwind, though I don't remember if they ever use this power.

  15. Yeh but custodies. There is no counter to the emperor's elite (exept primarchs or a legion of adeptus astarties). Plus does either Emps even need either Guard I mean one is considered a god even in the 40k universe and the other is the most powerful force user in the galaxy bar a few exeptions that I doubt even the most elite gaurd could handle.

  16. I've been thinking. Would the Star Wars, Halo or Mass Effect universe survive to a Black Crusade, a Whaaag or a Tyranid invasion from Warhammer 40k?

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