The British Hacker Who Helped Stop The WannaCry Cyberattack Has Been Arrested In The U.S. | TIME

A British cyber security researcher who helped thwart the spread of a ransomware attack in May has been arrested for allegedly trying to steal bank-account passwords.
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The British Hacker Who Helped Stop The WannaCry Cyberattack Has Been Arrested In The U.S. | TIME

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  1. This guy stopped potentially tens of billions of dollars in losses. The guy's a goddamn hero as far as I'm concerned. This is a disgrace and a stab in the back. To the thousands of security personnel who work everyday. Trying to protect us from the bad guys. Government doesn't know it's ass from a hole in the ground apparently. :/

  2. Maybe He Helped create Wanna Cry ransomware.???????
    how does experts fail at solving the wanna cry problem and he stopped it.??

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