The Crow Reboot Loses Jason Momoa and Director Corin Hardy – IGN News

Jason Momoa and director Corin Hardy both exit The Crow reboot.

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  1. Please do not touch this movie Brandon Lee was the perfect Crow do not touch this movie I beg of you please go ruin another movie rest in peace Brandon Lee

  2. Tbh I think Momoa would be good but I’d rather see someone like Andrew Garfield or at least a skinny gothic looking actor to play the part

  3. Just cancel the damn project already. Nobody wants this unnecessary reboot to happen at all.

    Leave The Crow alone ffs.

  4. I don’t get why people are mad at the actor like he’s saying he loves the movie too much to be a part of what he thinks is a poor production of it, which not many actors do these days. Even if he isn’t a good fit for the role you think he at least deserves respect for his choice imo

  5. This "reboot" should NEVER and will NEVER be made, there is only one Eric Draven and that is Brandon Lee, rest in peace!

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