The Disney Star Wars Universe is Dead.

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  1. I think that the two star wars stories have a lot of sentiment and attention for the original spirit of the saga and "the clone wars" and "star wars rebels" continue to make us dream. But since I watched the 7th I think that the new Trilogy will be the death of star wars because it's made Just for money. Rogue One in a single film gives dignity to new characters and shows us a long waited slaughter Darth Vader, Solo creates a beautiful background of the legendary character and gives us Darth Maul as we'll see him in "Rebels", they are good films because they make me feeling similar emotions that I felt with the original movies.

  2. The BIGGEST MISTAKE was the “SW:EPVII movie” should been the FIRST movie of Rian Johnson’s ‘new’ Trilogy (w/o Like, Lea etc)
    and NO SJW !!!!!!!!

  3. Given that I saw an interview where Lucas said that Star Wars was all about the rise (I, II), fall (III, IV, V), and redemption (VI) of Anakin Skywalker, I stand firmly by my belief from years ago that VII, VIII, and IX never should have happened. They should do more stand alone spin-off stories.

  4. disneys star wars movies ( all 3 ) were crap. i didnt like them myself. if others did then thats up to you. dont force me to like them. the force just wasnt with disney when the movies were made.

  5. Boromir: “What is this new devilry?”
    Gandalf: “KathleenFilms…”
    (Dwarvish Chants)
    (Legolas and Aragorn are terrified at what they see)
    Gandalf: “It is a demon from the ancient Disney World…”
    (Dwarvish chants)
    Gandalf: “This foe is beyond any of you…”
    Gandalf: “RUN!!!!”
    (Epic Dwarvish music)
    Gandalf: “Lead them on Aragorn! The end is near!”
    Gandalf: “Over the bridge. Fly!!!”
    (The fans make it across the Bridge of Fire)
    (Gandalf stops on the bridge)
    Gandalf: “You cannot pass!!”
    (The demon witch laughs)
    Gandalf: “I am a servant of the secret fire. Wielder of the flame of Walt Disney. Flame of the mouse!!”
    (The demon witch attacks, but it has no effect)
    Gandalf: “Go back to the shadow!”
    (The witch screams)
    Gandalf: “You shall not film!!!!!!”
    (Gandalf cracks the bridge of fire)
    (The demon witch foolishly steps on the damaged bridge of fire and falls into the abyss. Never to return)

  6. We must make an example of Star Wars and destroy it for its sjw and feminist rhetoric. Stars Wars is dead and needs to be buried.

  7. And we all thought Star wars battlefront 2 EA was bad. After seeing the last jedi I realized the greedy company of EA did a better job than Disney.

  8. The last Jedi was a stinking pile of doodie it totally ruined the franchise for me … Star Wars has been milked to death 😱😱

  9. OK, Disney and Lukas Film – you have called me names (unwarranted) and shamed me – Now I will drag myself to the movie theater and pay the bucks to watch the movies you demand that I must love, no matter what.

    <no I won't>

  10. TFA, ROGUE ONE and SOLO are the only good Disney star wars movies. Stop being butthurt over TLJ, we get it, it's a shit film. Move on.

  11. SJWs mean to me….
    – Sitting down highways and streets to protest while doing NOTHING to directly change society

    – Attacking people on. College Campuses because they DARE to have a different opinion than the majority of students

    – ALL whites males who disagree with the what SJWs say and/or are intrinsically bad, racists, misogynistic and white supremacists

    – SJWs seems to think that they have the right to foist their ideas to the masses through entertainment (even if it means to alter a character’s behavior to “fit” the Liberal Zeitgeist)

    – SJWs right to speech stops when it impedes others to enjoy that same right

  12. maybe if disney hadnt discredited the expanded universe they could come up with a good idea for a movie too bad they startes writing off their biggest fans right of the bat instead]

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