The first plant to become a venus fly trap

Basically how the first Venus fly trap happened

eevee – house of memories

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Written by frances

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  1. As a carnivorous plant grower I can confirm that our plants speak like this and occasionally sing Jazz

  2. Why did Buzzfeed file a copyright claim on this video?

    (I mean, besides that Buzzfeed's full of shitheads.)

  3. So we all gonna ignore the fact that it said it contained buzzfeed content and was originally deleted over copyrights?

  4. contained buzzfeed content? Wtf does that even mean? Isn’t buzzfeed known for unoriginal, mediocre, and annoying content? I don’t see this falling under any of those categories. Keep doin u bro, ur shit is tight.

  5. This shit was probably what got me to suscribe. I fell out of my damn chair laughing. Pig squealing and everything

  6. You gained 300k subs in like 4 days bruh..keep it popping im rooting for you my fav skit is the chocking fire beat…imma go there now i gave that vid like 30 views in like 2 days

  7. Imagine you just love the environment,

    But you didn't know this is already happening without you even knowing😂

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