The Future Of Star Wars After Star Wars Episode 9!

Todays star wars news has to do with the future of star wars after star wars episode 9 and the current state of mind of expanding the skywalker saga past the sequel trilogy which consists of the force awakens, the last jedi and star wars episode 9. I honestly would welcome a new star wars trilogy / star wars 4th trilogy as long as it has an excellent story expanding the skywalker saga 🙂 if not they can always go past the prequel trilogy that i would love to see as well.


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  1. The Sequels are setting up characters for final trilogy where consequences of Snoke and Reys dramatic rise "to power" come back and haunt "the balance". See so much of Dune in this plot, Luke may die, Kylo redeemed, Poe disillusioned and twisted and Finn developing his skills and force instincts. Removal of Snoke and FO will leave Galaxy Powerless, into the power vacuum Rey is thrust with her Mother to hold it all together. Then instead of defeating Snoke they swap him for a more dangerous and potent Tyrant, who may become new leader of the FO which may form backbone of new galaxy.

  2. Cool.
    I hope Disney keeps starwars going with the Skywalker bloodline. Vader has always been and should continue to be Starwars.
    Good job

  3. After EP IX, I NEED an EP X, XI, and XII made in the mid 2020s!!!!!! THANKS A LOT???
    And while you are at it. Bring the new generation back, but as older ppl.

  4. Im calling it…with Reys tranning…once she sees kylo ren again…shes gonna feel his pain when she walks close to him. And she's gonna talk to him about it and he will feel her pain like he did I his ship when he was in her head. Watch. And there gonna get together. Our at the least team up again the first order.

  5. thats such bullshit from kennedy, they will only make a 4th trilogy because they know star wars is basically just like printing free money. there will be a 4th trilogy, the fact they havent said no proves it

  6. I still say that the best option would be not doing a 4th trilogy about Skywalkers because Skywalkers aren't that important and They better do a toons of Spinn Off movies in the Old republic Era for a start. Later there would be spinn offs in Clone Wars Era and even Spinn offs in the era that was the first: Ajunta Pool, Naga Sadow and and all that acient Korriban storys with the acient jedi and sith would be great to see on the BIG silver screen. 😉 I believe Lucasfilm and Disney CAN do this, it's just a matter of a good story and a perfect cast for each character such as Revan, Malak, Bastilla, Carth Onasi and so on.

    There are still manny famous and less famous actors who can become a part of SW in the old republic/Clone Wars/Acient times. There's always a chance to find a "perfect Revan or perfect Bastilla actor/actress" so that won't be a problem to LF and Disney. Another thing is that if Disney will accept those all storys that are already told and get them into the BIG screen, yes they deleted the EU stuff but that was a couple of years ago so they might change theire mind after 2020 and bring only what's nessesary because since Ben Solo is a child of Han and Leia than Jacen and Jaina cannot be back to official canon so screw them.

    I personally believe that Star Wars shouldn't focus just on one familly because there is an entire universe to explore and toons of side storys to see. Wawrick Davies and Petter Mathiew can play manny new characters in manny eras, they don't need to play only Chewie and Only Wicket. For example Sebastian Stan who plays Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier from the MCU is perfect to play a young Luke from the Originals, it's just a matter of good hair make up and here we go.

    As a Star Wars fan i believe in Disney and Lucasfilm because they can make those side movies that i want to see, for example:
    "Yoda: A Star Wars Story" which would bring us to the origin story of how Yoda became a jedi padawan to the verry end of his jedi master life just before the phantom mennace 😉 and that's because we know verry little about him.

    Dear Disney and Lucasfilm: I BELIEVE IN YOU! 😀

  7. The Future of Star Wars is more girl power, more feminist nazi agenda carried out by Cathy man hater Kennedy. Worst movies ever is likely now we will see these Disney versions in a few years

  8. We never saw Han Solo in his 40s to 50s and we did not see Luke and Leia in their thirties and forties when at least Ben Solo was born, and Ray came about to be.

    We have a new actor playing Han and a new one playing Lando. Later Carrie's daughter could play Leia in her 30s 40s. Recast a Luke in his 30s and 40s and then do movies which would be around the grand Admiral thrawn era of the Legends EU and explain what some of the books are doing perhaps an even more visual detail.

    So episodes 7 8 and 9 would become 10 11 and 12 and there would be new episode 7 8 and 9. Rephrase to that means the force awakens is episode 10.

  9. they need to finish off star wars, it'll eventually get old and repetitive, no one would care anymore and people would get lost trying to get into star wars with all the info and stories.

  10. Keep it at 9 episodes, George originally planned for this but he doesn't own the rights anyone. But every good story has an end. But more anthology films would be fine. 🙂

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