The Future Of Star Wars Exciting News! New TV Shows & More!!

Lets go over some exciting star wars news when it comes to what was announced by disneys bob iger!. With the new star wars trilogy announced by the creators of game of thrones now disney will be unveiling multiple new tv shows in the future for their streaming service in 2019 after star wars episode 9.


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  1. after seeing people alter the g.o.t fights to sabers instead of claymore 👍👍

    will they add blood and gore like thrones or keep it family friendly

  2. Meh. I’m not paying for Disney’s streaming service. I’m also doubly not interested if they aren’t going to put a stop to Kathleen Kennedy’s horrible management of Star Wars. She seems more interested in making a political statement than actually making good movies.

  3. I'm jumping on the "Fire Kathleen Kennedy" train. She's going to ruin this franchise. How much research do you have to do before you run into the unavoidable truth that Weiss and Benioff are only good "writers" with someone else's original source material?

  4. Hmm, I think I will lay my reinvisted childhood to rest in 2020 when ep. 9 comes out, and close the chapter. I'm a Skywalker fan and i''m oldschool and a grumpy 🙂

  5. I really don't want to wasting my ATM Card for streaming tv shoes because i don't like paying right after a 14-day free trial nor paying for the shows and also that The Old Republic was really mentioned not to be streamed at all. Its only safe for me as The OLD REPUBLIC 3RILOGY instead

  6. I hope both triology's take place one before (as a prologue) and the other after (as an epilogue) of the old republic tv show

  7. T.V. series should be old republic for sure. There is just so many stories they expand on ranging from the hyper space war and marka ragnos. Vitiate, Revan, Exar Kun. They could really do a good job elaborating on them all in a tv series. Rian Johnson's trilogy i cant even try and predict as of now. The other trilogy just announced I would love to see The beginning of Bane's rule of two depicted or even a little farther down the lineage but sometime before plaguis. Maybe even some hints to where snoke wad during this time since he saw the rise and fall of the empire.

  8. just hope they don't over do it like Mike said…but the old republic trilogy is what I'm begging for! I would definitely settle for a old republic TV show as well!

  9. I will never go see another Rian Johnson film SW related or not. I have hopes that JJ can restore Luke to his greatness in #9 but if he doesn’t I will be through with SW forever. I have no confidence thatDisney will use the EU properly and we should have seen the writing on the wall when they turned everything into “legend”. I

  10. I’m guessing they’ll make it about the mandalorians and the old republic since they made game of thrones which has a similar culture to the mandalorians

  11. I have no problem with new Star war films just do them right Disney……..Because you blew It with tlj this movie don't deserve upper case letters…………

  12. "No one hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans." All the hatred for new SW movies is starting to prove that statement true. It's time you haters packed your bags and found a different fandom to obsess over.

  13. I am sure that the 30 year gap between ROTJ and TFA is in the focus of one or more of the tv series. Id see either Lukes progress to restart the Jedi order and or a Game of Thrones type of tv series that focus on the New Republic atempts to gain control of the galaxy – Actually I say that would be the perfect series for the game of thrones creative team. Johan.

  14. I am so glad that it's going to be a streaming service. I can't watch Rebels because it's on Disney XD and I don't have access to that channel so I have had to wait until the discs are released to watch Rebels.

  15. Wow more Star Wars live Action TV series in the Works this is exciting however I hope they are not Animated series, the Animated Series are for retarded Children.

  16. Again: i'm soooooo haaappyyyy about that neeeews! 😀
    i'm gonna watch the hell out of it no matter if it will be what fans wants or not 😉 :/

    i wanna explore as much SW as its possible

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