Things Can’t Get Any Worse For Star Wars, Right? Lucasfilm : Hold My Beer

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Written by frances

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  1. Bunch of dumb ass mother fuckers that don't realize the only people who pay, are the people who hate this kind of BS.

    have fun appealing to a quarter of the market, cause the rest of us wont be there for ep 9.

    See how relevant your noncustomers are then.

    It really just calls into question a lack of intelligence, these people were obviously given their roles based on what they believe and nothing else, because if they were any good, SW would be strong, but they imagined SW came with job security, but if you suck, your gonna hit the bricks and hard.

    Just a matter of time, lucas film needs to clean house, give these people consequences, we just need to wait till they go to far, then put it on blast.

    Also we need one video that shows the diverse nature fans have when it comes to their problems with tlj, one video that everyone needs to share, over and over.

  2. She does not know what a customer is, i used to be one, but she is in a way right, i am not a customer because they do not seem to want money from old fans.

  3. The bit right at the end of the comment is very true. "You do not own LFL or the SW franchise". The only corporation that owns LFL and the SW franchise is Disney. In business, it's clear from the outset that the paying public go to the cinema to watch a movie. You pay your ticket for the privilege of being entertained. Whether you like the film or not. That includes either being critical of the said product sold to you in a negative or positive light. All this shock horror at this comment is very old news to me. Having worked in the British Film Industry in the past, you have to understand that films are made to keep the masses entertained. It's not about what you want for a film or how well told the story is or isn't. All you do is either pay to see the film or not. I just laugh sometimes at the over the top comments from many people who truly think they have a clear understanding of how business actually works. All it's ever been about is $money$. Even if a film doesn't do terribly well, down the road the the film will make back it's monies from DVD, Blu-Ray, online services, TV rights etc, etc, etc….. It's business first, entertainment second and the paying public right at the bottom in third position.

  4. Dude… Step away from the computer. I agree with your basic premise but you need to take a break from this stuff and get some perspective. For what it's worth…

  5. The Left in general has zero idea how business or Capitalism work. They hate customers, give the worst possible customer service, and often openly despise their employers too. It seems to be an especially Millennial Leftist thing.

  6. Maybe she should be taugh a small lesson in economy. How about launching a boycott on ANYTHING related to the SW brand (toys, t shirts, DVDs, cereals with sw on their packages, any brand with sw on their packages, etc…) and we wait untill september to see how they react at Lucasfilm?

  7. Like I super agree with Diva. Your facts don’t matter, like what I’m feeling matters. Like girls are so strong, espically non white teenagers girls!

  8. From adoring Star Wars like only a 6 year old boy could to wishing it a lonely grave in just 40 years. And whoever this "geek girl" is, I guarantee it's fake naming: she's just another bitter woman who thinks she looks good in glasses and hates the entire sex.

  9. I'm boycotting Starwars until they make something good. Solo was alright but the lat Jedi was trash. I bought my tickets at the theatre I'd say I'm a star wars fan at heart. Fuck theses fuckers trying to make fuckboy movies with stupid political agendas. I'll just watch other shit on Netflix or play video games. Losing fans is what Disney and Lucasflims wants apparently

  10. I do however wish George Lucas would openly comment on what is going on. He has nothing to lose at this point. He got his money. He can't possibly agree with how Disney is treating the fans. Even when the prequels were getting crapped all over he never came out and said the fans were idiots and should just like what he is giving them. Bad movies, but smart guy. But I am sure he will never say anything because as soon as he does he will get roasted over the coals by one side or the other. I feel bad for Lucas in that he has no say or control over what he created. Must be a weird position to be in right now. Feels like George Bush Junior. Didn't care for him as the President, but have grown to like him. Seems like a nice fun guy. Just like George Lucas.

  11. George Lucas probably feels the same way (as Disney, KK, and this "Geek" girl) on some level; think about how he added all those crap scenes to the originals and won't allow the movies out in their original form on DVD even though the fans were hollering for it. >:| That's okay we can always make fan-movies and stories!!!!♥

  12. You know, at this point, LucasFilm ISN'T a 3-car pile-up, a train wreck, or even an overturned 18-wheeler carrying toxic waste.
    It's ALL THREE of those disaster scenarios PLUS the Titanic AND the Hindenburg!

    You can't script this shit… Real life will always come around and scenarios will happen that are stranger than any fiction you can conjure!

    This kind of thing, this messed-up cronyism and inbreeding at LucasFilm is precisely WHY they had the French Revolution and cut off all the heads of the nobility and turned on the leaders of the Reign of Terror.

  13. Just when you think the LFL can't be any more stupid and out of touch with reality, people like Geek Girl Diva (god, that has to be the STUPIDEST screen name I've heard a "self-described geek" use for herself in a LONG TIME!!!) show us, "Nope, we haven't hit bottom yet for the depths of stupidity of the management and employees of this company since they obviously can't practice basic respect and ATTEMPT to understand who their customers are!"

    Yeah, they don't get it.

    Star Wars is dead. Give the franchise a Viking funeral but remember when it was good BEFORE Disney bought LucasFilm.
    Makes you anxious to see what they'll do with Indiana Jones, eh?

    F#$K these morons.
    The best way to give these guys a boot in the ass is to not buy products from them!
    If we all had any common sense, there would be a general boycott of Disney but it won't happen because people can't separate their feelings from what that company does behind the scenes all the time.

  14. Why do you Jeremy keep being surprised about these peoples logic?
    It the same people who said the Right, and the Alt right would act undemocratic before the American election 2016, to then afterwards when trump won, turned out to be the undemocratic ones them selves screaming "not my president" and riot the streets… They have no logic, they have no sense, but they have the right opinions for Kennedy and the butthurt SJW Apostels that runs so many businesses.

  15. How do these idiots get jobs when they dont know anything. Being a customer does not make you an owner. She is mixing up 2 separate things. Being a customer is paying money for a product or service. People who go to see movies are customers. If the people see the movies are not the customers, why do they spend 100's of MILLIONS of dollars advertising to movie goers ?

  16. Guys… its time… we cant save her… i.. i think we need to take her out back… and old yeller her. Our beloved Star Wars has contracted full blown feminist rabies

  17. Hey dumb bitch with no brains for business, we have paid to see the movie, therefore we are a consumer. Any time you consume something (i.e. watch a movie) your a customer.

  18. A world that stood around for 4 decades can end anytime soon, and it has NOTHING to do with THEM?
    I mean, it was strong for more time she is alive, but is on the risk of blowing just now, they work there. And no clue why?

  19. Seems that “Geek girl” is just a lame suck up employee who’s desperate to keep her job and obey SJW marching orders.

  20. Last I heard Disney Owned LFL and they get a LARGE CUT of the movie ticket prices as well as ALL THE MARKETING PRODUCTS, so yes we are a Customer of LFL. Another clueless Liberal TOOL who thinks she is above those who pay her salary.

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