“This data hub is a hacker’s dream.”

Texas Congressman Kevin Brady, a senior member of the House Ways & Means Committee goes on the offensive for answers from the IRS which has been targeting conservatives for intense scrutiny. #PJNET

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  1. All of you who hold these hearings must really dread them. You always get the same answers from 95% of those you question, which is almost every person in authority over every department. They know the purpose of the hearing they are coming to, yet they never come prepared, they don't bring the documents, don't know what has been accomplished so far, never know the numbers and are clueless or they lie. They know all of you are not ignorant, so they obviously believe we are ignorant and actually think that we believe this ridiculous farce they continue to put on for us. It's gotten really old and is not amusing. I never again want to hear the phrase, 'so this will never happen again'. Same old song and dance and nothing comes of it. I'm not sure how y'all stand it, but I guess you have to cause it's your job. Anyone coming unprepared and without the knowledge they are responsible for should be held accountable and forced to come back within one week with the answers. No knowledge, No answers, No pay. That's a law I'd like to see passed immediately. Defund Them. They're not doing their job. Tax Code…I agree with you, but I believe there's too much greed concerning the bank accounts of a few to even want to change the tax code for millions. If it was simple enough for a person of average intelligence, they couldn't skim millions/billions from taxpayers. I believe that's why they purposely make things appear complicated, such as the tax code, ACA, etc.

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