This Is How The Government Can Actually Change Facebook (HBO)

VICE News sits down to watch the Zuckerberg testimony with a former Facebook employee/Zuckerberg confidant.

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  1. Jeff Bezos has a 600 million dollar contract with the CIA. He also owns the Washington Post. Yet no one seems alarmed by this?

  2. take them to the cleaners! facebook is one of the worst companies on earth right by google and amazon when it comes to privacy. these companies thrive on making private lives public for all to see. thanks to these guys no one can scratch their butt without someone knowing about it and either firing them, not hiring them or offering to sell them something or all 3!! this is ridiculous. we want privacy back!

  3. How can anyone not see what this is going on? This whole comedy congress show is just one step closer to allowing more government regulations on Facebook. Which means the government will be able to extend its Facebook ability to surveil our nation while all in the name.of safety. Wake up guys. And vice is juat another liberal loudspeaker.

  4. Hmmm, so millions of people willingly volunteer their personal information on the internet and then scream privacy violation when said platform uses it to make money? This is mindlessly hypocritical and ignorant. How about just not using social media in a misguided attempt at peer validation and stick to keeping meaningful relationships with people that you actually interact with?

  5. Why not make the fine be used to pay for people at facebook to make sure things like this don't happen again? Have the penalty pay for a potential fix?

  6. Hey look,,,,,,,, more vice fake news. Any more girls putting in sexual harassment claims in your fake news company?????

  7. This is entirely hypocritical. Draw attention to Facebook to make us forget about the CIA and NSA, and how they know what we day, where we sleep, what we like, and who we sleep with

  8. The issue I have with facebook isn't that they let other companies have all your info it's that they took all your info in the first place. 40 years ago, Zuckerberg would have been masterbating in your bushes

  9. I literally dont care that they share my personal information when it comes to what i like and buy and investigate . . . thats good for me lol. Someone educate me on how this is a bad thing????

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