This Week in Star Wars (4/30 – 5/4 2018)

All of the biggest Star Wars news plus a little something extra, all in one place.


Curse of the High IQ Book:

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  1. The idea of making this into a series of videos is brilliant. Please keep making them! This Chanel is the only one I come to for Star Wars news because of how honest and up front you are about what Lucasfilm is doing with Star Wars. Again, keep making these videos and I’ll share them with everyone who will listen!

  2. Check out my instagram @artbyautio; i have made concept art for my own Episode 8. It's not much, but at least it's something.
    The story is that Rey has been captured by Kylo Ren's First Order, while they are searching for the Crystal of the Mind's Eye on planet Jedha.
    Leia hires a bounty hunter named Sam Fett to rescure Rey from the First Order.
    After that Sam has rescured Rey, Sam insists Rey to bring her back to the Resistence, while Rey wants to find the Crystal of the Mind's Eye before Kylo does.
    The reveal shows that Sam Fett was part of the Knights of Ren, and has a history with Kylo Ren, but for a reason he left, and exiled himself to train himself to become bounty hunter by his adapotive father Boba Fett.
    The story is gonna be like a old knight's tale in space, and yes; the Knights of Ren are coming back in this story too.
    Hence the title: "Star Wars: The Knights of Ren".

    Still not a big fan of TFA or TLJ.

  3. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!!! ^^ Oooh, to add, i can't wait after the 25th!!! The aftermath and blame will go to Alden Erremgeherd, Howard (Unfortunately) and any "Straight, White Male" involved or near SOLO why it bombed and tanked!!! DORKnald Glover and Emilia Clarke shall be spared, due to "Gender/Diversity" cause "Women and People of Color are perfect, spotless lambs of Entertainment!!"

  4. Right the fuck on. not a rant just educational. bad is bad The new starwars universe andvgod is good. MCU RULES right now

  5. To be "spoiled" you would first have to give a shit…which I no longer do. I'm not gonna be watching any of it. I've started reading/listening to the Star Wars EU novels instead. Don't buy Rose Tico figures. Save 'em all for Ethan Van Sciver. lol

  6. This plot leak sounds like some Tumblrina's fan fic wet dream. I guess we now know who KK's target audience really is. Star Wars has become Twilight Wars, time to abandon this sinking ship or is it shit?

  7. If Tony Stark was in the Star Wars Universe, he would grab the Lightsaber from Rey and be a version of Kyle Katarn. Which would replace Luke Skywalker in these sequels since he's a pathetic, scared, wimp that's afraid to fight against evil.

  8. I can't wait for the solo fan edit where Alden gets replaced with a red solo cup everytime he comes on screen.

  9. Prediction, episode 9 will be called: Lost Hope. Mary Sue should die with the episode 9 as well as the last remains of the pitiful resistance, which were killed by incompetent Disney executives.

  10. like sargon but instead of hearing about stupid shit we hear about SJW. ALthough i love sargon just the topics sometimes are really annoying.

  11. DUDE.. A Star Wars YouTuber "urban acolyte" came out defending Soylo a Soy Wars Soyry, and claiming that all the opinions, and boycott, put forward by another YouTuber arent based on what the fanbase wants!!! This guy completely shilled out !!!! I cant believe this guy !!!
    I call for a boycott of "urban acolyte" as well as agree with boycotting Soylo, a Soy Wars Soyry. Lol

  12. If that is anywhere close to what the plot is going to be for the 9th movie….. Fuck that. My brain can hardly accept those words as English.

  13. I don't buy this leak- the plot here is way too competent. Kylo Ren as benevolent dictator? Actually addressing where the First Order gets it's unlimited resources? Filling in plot holes? That doesn't sound like Disney Wars at all.

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