Timeline for Star Wars Live Action Series Revealed! | Star Wars News

Solo: A Star Wars Story premiered last night, and on the red carpet, director Jon Favreau revealed a bit of news about his upcoming live-action Star Wars show that will premiere on the new Disney streaming service. We also speculate on what kind of characters and storylines we may also see in this live action series.

Star Wars Declassified: The Imperial Remnant

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  1. I would worry about the collective wisdom of Disney if they didnt bring clone wars back. Its the best choice. By Far 🙂

  2. Would you want to see the original trio recast for the live action series? Or you in the "Alden Ehrenreich should come back as an older Han Solo" camp?

  3. Like if the Imperial Remnant shows up and then they come back to fight the First Order I'm totally on board.

  4. Fuck that I’m not taking that as canon fuck Disney milking Star Wars I’m only taking ep 1-9 and stories(including SWBF2 campaign) as canon

  5. Not every time period in Star Wars has to be explained and shown. The Old Republic already has some story to it and it should have been the first idea for a live-action Star Wars t.v. show from Lucasfilm.

  6. Disgusting

    Of course disney wants to forget about everything besides tbe new trilogy

    We already have 2d resistance tv show set in that era but know have another series in the same era

    Sad…..10/10 Disney logic

    Series about old republic. Naaaaa

    Series before ep 1. Naaaaaa

    Series about the sequel trilogy. Yeaaaaah, we havent done that in a while….

  7. I'm going to kms, YouTube is completely fucking me over completely, I sometimes can't appear on search bars, and every one of my videos is copyrighted, every day I'm worried to loose my channel, and I'm glad they announced this, your videos give me something happy to do thanks

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