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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. Great
    Tribulation is being mitigated through prayer

    Thursday, August 18th, 2011 @ 20:45

    My daughter, those followers of Mine, who are
    well-read in matters of Holy Scripture, tend to get carried away with their own
    human interpretation, so that the lesson I have preached to love one another is
    so easily forgotten. Love one another. Honour your mother and father. Honour
    your Creator, God the Father, and live as I have told you in love and fear of
    My Father.

    So many learned men, caught up in their
    analysis of My Teachings, forget one thing. That is, when I will come again to
    Judge. Never for one moment do they consider that this time may well happen in
    their own lifetime and not in the distant future. Why then do they search and
    continue to search for further meanings in Holy Scripture when the Truth is so
    simple? Why do they not remember that love is all I ask? Love for Me, your
    Saviour. Love for God the Father and love for each other.

    For those intellectual experts who proclaim to
    be able to analyse My Teachings and then go as far as attempting to predict a
    date for when I will come again, I say this. If you try to assume that you have
    been able to discern the year for My return, then you are sadly mistaken. No
    one will be given this date, not even the angels in Heaven or My beloved
    Mother. But this I can reveal. The Tribulation started some time ago. The Great
    Tribulation will begin at the end of 2012. This terrible period is being
    mitigated through the prayers of My dearly beloved followers. It will also be
    diluted through the conversion achieved after The Warning takes place. This
    event is good news, My children. It is to help eradicate the slavery by man to
    the evil one.

    Religious experts
    display an arrogance, which I find repulsive

    Many, sadly, will ignore My pleas to prepare, so caught up are they in this so-called
    intellectual religious debate, based on human reasoning, one trying to outdo
    the other to prove that he or she is more knowledgeable. These experts display
    an arrogance, which I find repulsive. They are no better than the Pharisees
    were. Their ignorance blocks out the Truth when it is presented before their
    very eyes.

    My Word is being
    ignored by My sacred servants

    My Word has fallen on deaf ears. My Word is ignored by My sacred servants, as I
    attempt to communicate with them at this point in history. Yet, after The
    Warning there will be no excuse for them not to sit up and listen to My
    instructions. For then they will hold out their arms
    pleading with Me to guide
    them through the Great Chastisement. For when this prophecy is unveiled to
    those who doubt My Word, through this messenger, I urge you then to take up My
    Sacred Cup, drink from it and fight to save souls.

    I urge all of you, including those
    self-proclaimed scriptural experts, to sit down in humility and ask this
    question. Why would I encourage simple believers to become embroiled in an
    argument over My return to Earth? All that matters now is that I Am coming. Be
    prepared at all times. Never judge others in My Name. Seek out the gift of
    humility at all costs for it will be your passport to Heaven.

    Your beloved Saviour

    Jesus Christ

  2. forget about the politicians serving the intrest and development of this unfortunate beautiful country, i firmly belive in the great beloved lord krishna the governor of ifinite universes, he will protect this country as he takes birth during adharma is at its peak, to restore dharma, he will dump this evil politicians into womb of the animals and reptiles and make them to dwelve in the animal kingdom for lakhs and lakhs of years.

  3. why can't you guys, your channel expose any BJP? there are so many corrupted leaders? why can't you guys investigate them?
    you guys are not good…

  4. There is danger of a war breaking out between India and China at a disputed border point involving India, Bhutan and China.The flash point being the forceful road construction taken up by the Chinese endangering India's security.While foreign countries seems to be not concerned at all but a clash here will have rippling effect world wide economically.

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