Today in Bitcoin (2017-08-13) – Bitcoin $4000 – DOTA sign – Russian Central Bank

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$3,921.86USD / BTC | Winkdex

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) statistics – Price, Blocks Count, Difficulty, Hashrate, Value

Bitcoin vaults to new record above $4K, boosted by Japan and multiplying its value fourfold

Bitcoin price after SegWit – Business Insider

‘Buy Bitcoin’ Sign Appears During DOTA International Tournament

Russia’s Central Depository Plans to Build Its Own Cryptocurrency Wallet – CoinDesk

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  1. All of this investment in Bitcoin will be for nothing if you guys allow women to squander it you need Bitcoin and you need mgtow

  2. When bitcoin goes up, you have to buy a new kitchen (UNLESS YOU'RE A MGTOW) LOL! All my bitcoins belong to me! I've seen too many of my friends and fellow mechanics get screwed over by their wives in the family court. No way will I EVER volunteer for that.

    When bitcoins stablize over 6k I'm going to move to cambodia or one of those low cost of living eastern European countries and live the rest of my life without the need to work a 9 to 5 job.

  3. why are people still bothering with bcash? it's not even bitcoin cash but just bcash 😀 also, we won't fall to $1000 because of some segwit2x freaks starting to scream, if anything we will drop max 20%, but probably from way way higher grounds than 5k..the cat is out the bag, and dogs are off the leash with bitcoin, it's fun to watch – also keep in mind, people are in holidays and autumn is when you start taking notice of what is happening in finance, so we can probably expect this rally to last for quite some time..also, I wanna hear you guys talk about the theory of the bitcoin saturation s-curve, which describes how ideally, bitcoin's adoption can happen starting off with an exponential curve, which eventually flattens out to linear, and goes logarithmic in the end, all caused by saturation of currency markets. yes bitcoin can not yet scale, but 1. it will, and 2. it can as a store of value, there is no limit to how much you can store with it. and there the saturation curve sets in, when you can buy anything with bitcoin globally without friction, and nations try to buy in in order to get a piece of the cake, you need to watch at how bitcoin saturates. I don't know where I heard about this idea first, but I really want to hear more about it. especially since you get a perfect exponential curve from 2009 to right now, if you exclude the 2013 trade bot mtgox action! so if bitcoin follows the zero friction market saturation curve for currencies, outcompeting all other currencies, then this is what happens: continual RATE of growth that we see right now UNTIL we see first effects of market saturations. this could very well mean a price of 100k within months, and a slowing down of price growth rates up to $1m or $10m, not so sure about where the threshold for saturation is really..or at what price you can consider the market saturated with bitcoin. thoughts on this much appreciated from you guys 🙂

  4. Hey, could you guys do a summary video on the event in Toronto? I wanted to go but I am not in the area. I am going to assume that most of the event will lb nothing I haven't already heard before.

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