Toddler is Allergic to Water ft. Nikki Limo & DavidSoComedy

A toddler is allergic to water — including her own tears

Poor Baby News –

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  1. I have chronic uticaria for 7 years now and have been taking zyrtec everyday for 7 years. Zyrtec causes symptoms to get worse and causes an insatiable itch all over the body, making it unbareable. I am now addicted to Zyrtec and cannot get off it, it provies temporary relief but there was never a long term cure and now I cannot get out of it. DO NOT TAKE ZYRTEC.

  2. I wish all girls were like that too David. My friends constantly tell me I'm a naturally funny guy and I recently confessed my feelings to the girl I had feelings for and she's been dodging me ever since. Haven't been able to crack a joke since.

  3. I've been like Nikki since I was younger lol. If you were to see the guys I dated/crushed on you'd probably ask me "GIRL WTF IS YOUR TYPE? RANDOM?" The thing is they made me laugh/smile a lot (something I don't usually do). They were of all heights, all ethnicities & a lot of them my family & friends said they weren't even good looking. I just really liked those funny, quirky underdogs! 😂😂 Didn't realize it until later in life.

  4. They should give her sponge baths, like they do for babies. I wonder if they add some natural oils to the water will it soothe her a bit.

  5. Lol Same Nikki! My first crush was also Jim Carey, 2nd was Jackie Chan, 3rd Adam Sandler (dreamy!!!!) LOL xD

  6. I have eczema so I have to have a specific diet but to have to avoid WATER…unimaginable. So sorry 🙁

  7. If it affects only the outside skin, she is a prime candidate for skin transplant. That’s years of surgery, recovery and a whole lot of money. People usually just go for anti-histamines.

  8. She from MN like me ayee but that's horrible ive never heard of a person allergic to water so hearing that makes me want to cry just because that little girl is living a horrible life especially since she is 18 months omgg!! Hopefully as she grows older she will heal from her pain ☹☹😭😢

  9. From Minnesota as well, i get hives when i get cold especially when im cold and wet like getting out of a pool. Its called cold uticaria

  10. I have this because of my Dysautonomia. I break out in hives with my own sweat and with warm water, the feeling of hotness is from your body "flushing" and it feels like your blood is boiling under your skin. Really sucks because I over sweat on half of my body and can't sweat at all on the other, I also can't regulate my body temperature and am severely heat intolerant. So, I always have hives. Having a sensitivity to warm water is pretty common and sucks so damn much. I feel so bad for kids with it. It is awful, poor girl. Hope one day they will at least find something to help out the kids with this.

  11. Omg I’m not that allergic to water but I get like hive sometimes when I shower. I live in Minnesota too.
    , I think it’s Minnesota water !

  12. Imagne her growing to be 14 and going i'm gonna kill myself i'm running my bath.
    Because every fucking teenager is depressed

  13. I am also allergic to water (not as bad as this girl thank god) but I noticed a few years ago whenever I shower that I break out in hives and my parents didn't believe me for a year. Now even when I tell doctors they're confused lol

  14. This is like me expect for water it’s the cold. The air conditioning, cold water, cold weather can affect me.

  15. Bullshit, theres gotta be something IN the water that shes allergic to, how tf can someone be allergic to hydrogen and oxygen atoms? Theyre literally around us in the air all the time. Its probably the minerals that come in drinking water and not pure water by itself thats the issue.

  16. Ive already known that a “water allergy” is possible bc i looked up weird allergies a long time ago since im ”allergic” to the sun (i break out in hives and my skin peels and itches and pusses when im in the sun for longer than a few hours even with sunscreen) but i have never actually seen a real case of water allergy.. poor baby 😕

  17. Omg, Nikki I’m totally the same. And now that I’m older I understand why the hot popular guys or any hot guy didn’t tempt me like the rest of the girls I knew. I’m totally aware of attractiveness, but it’s not on top of my list when it comes to dating.

  18. Looked like a burnt match?- David gonna give you the benefit of a doubt here and assume you didn't know how racist that comment was. FOR ACTUAL BLACK PEOPLE that have been ridiculed by comments like this our entire lives it is extremely offensive. Pls reconsider

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