Top 10 Cringiest Celebrity Reddit AMAs

Top 10 Cringiest Celebrity Reddit AMAs // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
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AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, and it’s Reddit’s way of bringing celebrities closer to their fans. But there are examples of celebrity AMAs gone horribly wrong. Whether it’s the Westboro Baptist Church getting pwned by trolls, Morgan Freeman not giving off the Morgan Freeman vibe or Rachel Maddow not really answering any political questions, these were some awkward Reddit Ask Me Anythings. WatchMojo counts down the best of the worst Reddit AMAs.

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00:37 #10: Westboro Baptist Church
01:25 #9: Mike WiLL-Made It
02:08 #8: Morgan Freeman
02:53 #7: Scott Stapp
03:47 #6: Jose Canseco
04:29 #5: Rachel Maddow
05:12 #4: Perez Hilton
05:54 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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  1. Go fuck yourself. that isn't how you say wyclef jean and you know that. im surprised you didn't pronounce woody harrelson as "woo-day hair-all-soon." i hate you all

  2. The one about the Alaskan news caster who quit on tv while promoting her weed company was pretty bad as well, should've at least been a "dishonorable " mention

  3. Watchmojo is crazy with their censorship. They just left in "nigga" and "fuck" when in some videos they censor both or just one over the other

  4. The real reason why Ann Coulter along with a lot of the "far right" want to take way women's right to vote is because in their eyes, women (generally) tend to vote for big government and assistance programs that make the average American worker pay for the ones that don't want to vote because muh feelings or whatever, whereas men tend to vote in the opposite direction. Women vote with their heart whereas men vote rationally with their brain. Should we give everyone a trophy for participating and everyone suffers or should we give the top performers a well deserved medal while the rest of us congratulate them but are still ultimately comfortable/normal. I'm not saying one way is wrong and one isn't but I will say that one of the ways breeds an endless amount of entitled idiotic opinionated douche tuna rectums.

  5. The problem with Reddit is inherited in its design, it's downvote system creates a circle jerk of downvotes for every unpopular post. Internet boards will always be superior to Reddit in pretty much every way.

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