Top 10 LEGO Star Wars The Clone Wars Sets!

MandRproductions counts down his TOP 10 LEGO Star Wars The Clone Wars Sets! Included in the list is the 8098 Clone turbo Tank, 8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack, and 10195 Republic Dropship with AT-OT but which set will be #1??!!??!!

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  1. Haven't uploaded a non slideshow video aside for the dumb ass fake video in over 3 weeks. Great "new content" your putting out right

  2. #10 was the best bang for buck lego star wars pack i've ever saw, i bought well over 10 of them, wish it'd come back, great source for clone troopers.

  3. My Top 10 :
    10. Saeese Tin's Jedi Starfighter
    9. AAT
    8. AT-TE
    7. Republic Shuttle
    6. The Malvolence
    5. The Twilight
    4. Clone Turbo Tank
    3. Republic Frigate
    2. Venator Cruiser
    1. Republic Droship With AT-OP

  4. Can you show me or do a video or reference me to a video on how to do that mod for the AT TE/ATOT and the gunship? Thank you!

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