Top 10 Most Powerful Avengers

Top 10 Most Powerful Avengers
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To be an Avenger, you need to be pretty tough, so to be among the most powerful Avengers is truly impressive. These Marvel heroes are the team’s big guns and prove to be the ultimate opposition to the dangers that lurk in Marvel’s enormous universe.

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List Rank and Entries
#10 Wonder Man
#9: Vision
#8: Doctor Strange
#7: Quasar
#6: Hyperion
#5: Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)
#4: Sentry
#3, #2, #1: ?

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  1. Captain America as an honorable mention? Why not Hawkeye then? What is wrong with you? You guys have to stop making lists about stuff you don't have a clue about.

  2. Captain America isn’t powerful. Don’t get me wrong he’s the best, but he has never been a big gun.

  3. It's sad that half of these characters aren't in the movie universe for marvel, also that Valykrie and Captain Marvel are the only female superheroes on here

  4. Captain America is great, but he doesn't even belong in the honorable mentions section. There are literally dozens of Avengers that are stronger than him.

  5. Iron Man can be VERY strong using three words: HOUSE PARTY PROTOCOL (+ Bleeding Edge + Hulkbuster for extra)

  6. "Hits stuff really hard" and "shoots lightning" are obviously more powerful than "reshapes reality on a global scale". Good call.

  7. Before infinity war I used to find Thor moist, Infinity war made him look so fucking good, and on another level to the rest of the Avengers. Talking about Thor, I really want to find out what the next God of War game does with Thor (he was teased in a post credit ending in the end of 4)

  8. I just want to point this out: Black Panther is stronger then Captain America. BP has a whole vibranium suit aswell as the superhuman shit, while CA only has a vibranium Shield and the super human shit. Also BP has been brought up to be a fighter and can still actually be a warrior without the heart thing, while CA will just be weak without his serum

  9. “Welcome, voice activation required.”


    “Access Denied.”

    “Thor, son of Odin?”

    “Access Denied.”

    “God of Thunder.”

    “Access Denied.”

    “Strongest Avenger.”

    “Access Denied.”

    “Strongest Avenger!”

    “Access Denied.”

    “…Damn you, Stark. Point Break.”

    “Welcome, Point Break.”

  10. Where is Iron Man? Watchmojo, what is this? Captain America in the honourable mentions and no Iron Man?

    Read more.

  11. Spider man should be on here and also just because huks big doesn’t mean that he’s strong but…. I’m not trying to offend or not agreed I just saying so you guys have a great weekend

  12. Whaaahahahaa, stupid list xD
    Sentry can easily annihilate everyone on this list, he doesn't just have the power of a MILLION, not thousand exploding suns, he can also control matter (even better than mollecule man and he's one of the strongest villians that can do that) and he can fly to the sun in an instance, so he's basicly faster than all other hero's on this list combined! On top of that, he ripped Ares in half and as 'The Void' he destroyed and killed the entire Marvel universe.
    Sentry is the strongest and most dangerous, period.

  13. How could you place hulk in 2nd position he should be placed in 1st because nobody can do like him as he does

  14. My List
    10 Vision
    9 Captain Marvel
    8 Wonder Man
    7 Hyperion
    6 Quasar
    5 Hulk
    4 Thor
    3 Dr Strange
    2 Sentry
    1 Scarlett Witch

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