Top 10 Things We Need in House of Cards’ Final Season

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Top 10 Things We Need in House of Cards’ Final Season
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With Kevin Spacey out, there’s plenty we want resolved in the final season of Netflix’s House of Cards. We’re taking a look at story and character arcs we want to see fully realized as this Netflix Original Series approaches its exit from office. If you’re not caught up, consider this your spoiler alert. We want Jane Davis in a larger role, for the Underwoods to get their just deserts, for Will Conway to make a comeback, and more. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Things We Want to See in House of Cards’ last season.

#10. Fan Favorite Supporting Characters
#9. An Explanation for What Happened to Cathy Durant
#8. Jane Davis in a Larger Role
#7. LeAnn Harvey’s Fate
#6. A Worthy Enemy For Claire
#5. Setting Up a Doug Stamper Spinoff
#4. Conway Making a Comeback
#3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. Best original Netflix series ever, Netflix stop making teenagers tv shows and give us more iconic shows like house of cards

  2. I absolutely love house of cards but I’m highly considering not even watching the last season if it won’t have Spacey in some of the episodes. He made the show so great and I don’t want to watch the show end without him. #NotMyHouseOfCards

  3. All I wanted to know was what was originally going to happen before SpaceyGate happened. When Claire says goodnight to the American people without pardoning Frank, my jaw dropped. I wanted to know what the original plan was for the season.

  4. maybe claire will find that she HAS no future in politics because america hates her.
    maybe she'll try and try and try to stick around after the show is completely over…
    maybe everyone who hates her will be called racist and misogynist.

  5. 1. Frank Underwood
    2. Frank Underwood
    3. Frank Underwood
    4. Frank Underwood
    5. Frank Underwood
    6. Frank Underwood
    7. Frank Underwood
    8. Frank Underwood
    9. Frank Underwood
    10. Frank Underwood

  6. Regardless of what Kevin Spacey did, this show is a work of art. One of my all time favorites. I’m sad to see it go. 😢

  7. Am I crazy in thinking that Claire and Doug are simply not strong enough characters to carry their own shows?

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