Toxic Tanneries Poisoning Workers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s leather industry is worth a billion dollars a year, but that value comes at a significant human cost to the many workers employed in the country’s leather tanneries. The process of tanning leather hides is highly toxic. Workers face appalling conditions and are exposed to dangerous chemicals that also pollute surrounding waterways.

VICE News correspondent Tania Rashid traveled to Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital, and visited the tannery district in the city’s Hazaribagh neighborhood — ranked by international research organizations as one of the most polluted places on Earth — to investigate the conditions in which workers produce leather that is exported and sold all over the world.

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  1. It's so disgusting to see people's comments blaming the conditions of Bangladesh on "libertarian's dream" or the "filth of the islam religion." Your ignorance just makes you sound ridiculous. This is the infrastructure of a country left immobilized by the British India Company's colonization. Same thing can be seen in Africa going on today. Colonization is feeding off the resources of an area, changing up the infrastructure of an area for the mother country's own needs, and just dropping everything when you're completely done. It leaves everything in disarray, leaving people to not only fend for themselves, but also build the system back up again from the bottom up. With it's drainage of resources, its also an anarchy left vulnerable to any form of power gaining momentum. Why don't these people clean up their trash? Because they're not educated to do so, don't have the proper resources to learn, and don't ultimately understand its need. Granted with your education, you have the ability to understand what's wrong and why we shouldn't expose ourselves to chemicals. Learn history before spewing irrelevant statements, because that is how ignorance prevails.

  2. This is not about capitalism or muslin or rich countries. This is happening because the corruption of their own government. Simple as that.

  3. I always wonder if the people in these documentaries feel insulted. It's more or less because of western demand for cheap manufactured goods that's driving their industry to cut corners. It feels like adding insult to injury.

  4. Well, Trump did help a little by removing ourselves from the TPP, which would allow for things like this to become even more widespread.

  5. @Tania Rashid u are my hero….. u are ☝️ superb.. keep up the good work .. u know what,people in Bangladesh got no heart to feel for others…. so inhuman .. makes me wonder sometimes!flippin selfishness 🙁😡☹️

  6. I had diarrhea from just watching this. Then there's another video on YouTube where it's nothing but Indians shitting on this beach, and the public toilets…what a place!

  7. Wow! That's very sad. But we have to understand that in order for the west to have such high standards of living, other countries have to do the dirty work. It seems harsh but if you live in the west, you help contribute to this. So no matter what political views you hold, this is something most of us benefit from.

  8. I can't believe there are still some fish in that super dirty water. The people who eat those fish must be contaminated with lots of metals and other toxic chemicals.

  9. Hey fascists, this is why most of bangladeshi people scape from that hell into Burma… And then you still calling rohingya "scum". Fck christians, fkc buddhists, long live islam

  10. Yeah, those evil capitalists… This is how the 3rd world will get out of poverty. Industry. No, it ain't pretty, but it beats the alternative.

  11. Man, this was hard to watch. Just look at the people. Families just trying to eak out a living. Standing in chemical laden water to rinse off plastic bags. Heaps of shit everywhere. Eating those fish…can you imagine the rats at night? Holy fucking shit, that place must just be a rat's paradise. Animal carcasses just laying around…

  12. Being extremely poor is a lot like the philosophical trolley problem, in which you have to choose between flipping a switch to kill one to save many or doing nothing and letting many die.

    Often times every decision they make is terrible because they only have terrible choices.

  13. this is insane!! all those chemicals comes in the end to where you and i live dont matter where you live. and those poor people. so sad!!!

  14. This is what happens when you have terrible management by a governing body such as the government of Bangladesh. I don’t believe there’s any department within the government that is designated for these problems. The only solution is military takeover. The only solution is violent military cessation of power. Coming very soon.

  15. This is criminal. The whole world suffers from this, slowly and slowly our oceans are becoming .ore and more toxic. Im most of the worlds cancer can be lead back to things like this

  16. Would hate to have a massive fire. I would laugh so fucking hard. If everyone died
    😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

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