Transpicuous News:Middle East Insanity, the Bitcoin central bank war & the New American Pirates

Don’t miss my epic rant from last night at the beginning of the latest UnFuckIt Discussion!!

Only available on DTube :
and on RTS Earth:

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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. I'm stuck on an old XP centrino computer so when I try to go to Dtube I get the 'unsupported protocol' error. I can't watch you on Dtube! Frustrating! Would you please consider posting here or on Bitchute or something?

  2. Dani, the link tab comes-up, however the page remains white with no content, yet the tab does not say 'blank page'….(just read the comments, so, since I preferr to stay with 8.2, perhaps I can't receive your link without 10, working with HP lap top.

  3. Thanks very much, been following you on here for 2 years and now cannot get to see or hear your recent news. Unsubscribing. Love Peace All.

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