Tsunami May Be IMMINENT. IRMA just turned WEST again, Stalled. WTF? #PrayForFlorida 9.10.17 Q&A Chat

The Truth isn’t “out there”, it’s RIGHT HERE
#MorningCovfefe Live Stream @7ish News & Chat
#NightLight (formerly #Elevenzies) Live Stream @11ish TBA
(check for stream, notifications may not be sent due to general fuckery)

#Centrist #ConservativeDemocrat #Moderate #Normal #American #StrongerTogether #StillWithHer

I kinda take offence to the modern definition of liberalism… and being offended by insults doesn’t make me liberal… I would beat someones ass if they pulled the shit trolls do, in person.
aparrently their parents didn’t spank them hard enough now I gotta show em who their daddy is.
does that fit your definition of liberal offendedness?
fuck off with that bullshit
I’m a Southern Democrat!
and noone is more pissed off and silenced than WE ARE.

Welcome To My Experiment: (I’m sorry)
Life, The Universe & Everything (you’re welcome)
Geostrategy, Hidden-History, Nature, Technology, Cars, Racing, Final Fantasy, Mind-Blowing mystic perspectives that you will not find elsewhere.
All on this channel!
and also… the truth that will probably save your life one day.
so… you might wanna subscribe 😉

we reported the republican-Russian propaganda collusion and predicted the rigged election since the creation of this channel in March, 2015. including warning the FBI multiple times through the summer of 2016 about trum being a kgb agent..!
since then…
my wife and i have gone bankrupt trying to spread the truth because of y0utube [email protected] stealing my views and under-monetizing what few they leave me.
I put in 40-50+hrs per week on this channel and I thank my long-time subscribers for stepping up to help me make this a “full time gig”.
Like I said I would, ill keep upping the production quality as I am able.
my channel has had well over a million views for a long time, and FINALLY shows 900k!
adsense says I have 4 times as many, and even the total is higher, when I enabled ads after a few hundred thousand views.
please help me reach 10k subscribers
I need at least 3k views per video to make it worth my time, financially, to devote the effort needed to keep you informed.
im not saying ill stop this…
im saying … ive been homeless before, and I don’t want it to happen to my family… that idea, alone terrifies me.
my channel name at jee its not a girl is how to pay if youre a pal
I appreciate any contributions from my silent viewers
especially those now prospering at my expense
all donations will go directly to paying bills, buying groceries, or will be announced as investments for entertaining you on this channel (I need a new Racing wheel for GT6, lol)
thanks for helping out, yall… its nice to have something to show for the time and effort. 😉

All songs on this channel are Copyright: Sean Morris 1998-2004

#FlatEarth got #TRUMPEDbyRUSSIA!

Q&A as always
SUPERCHAT for the wife if she aint payin attention
KY-Rally .. huh
12&12 (ish) Central Time

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Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.

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