Venezuela considering Bitcoin as an alternative, Fake Chinese BTC news, Steemit

Today was a beautifully boring Bitcoin day. They were having fun with Steemit down in South Africa though! Andy Hoffman will be on the show on Sunday at 4PM EST to make a big announcement. Please tune in then. It will be better than any NFL game. Thanks to a loyal viewer in Venezuela I have some unique news to share about that country.
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  1. I have been thinking about how to deal with dividends of Bitcoin. The Bitcoin ETFs will only invest in the root coin. People who have Bcash and Bgold should sell them and use money to buy more of the root coin. This is the way to get maximum benefit from the ETFs.

  2. Whether you're new or old in crypto it's always the same. Think of these drops and you holding as a right of passage to better days!

  3. Ed, everyone is a moron but you. Here is a simple test. If Adam and myself have more money than you, we are smarter than you.

  4. Adam, I'm sure you're a good person, no reason to think otherwise.
    But what is your opinion of your Talmud?
    I was always told Jewish enclaves were run out of European countries for "no reason whatsoever".
    Then I learned about the Holy Talmud, and all the racial superiority it claims, and how the 10 commandments don't apply to the goy, in that murdering a goy is ok, etc… (Goy are as cattle, they are as the insects you trample beneath you feet)
    Then I realized the Talmud was the reason why all the expulsions occurred… obviously, nobody wants that around them.
    and when I ask a Jewish person about the Talmud, they act like they don't know what it is?
    Or get very angry.
    This is something nobody is expected to be honest about. Or discuss. At all. Period.
    I know only the orthodoxy consider the Talmud a serious part of their lives.
    I have a great number of Jewish friends who bad mouth the orthodoxy, despise the Talmudic teachings.
    But this doesn't help the anti-feelings execpt on a purely person to person level.
    It might be helpful to call a spade a spade and for the world's secular Jewry to disown that worthless tripe. But that would mean admitting the orthodoxy is all screwed up.
    Don't see that happening anytime soon…. I only see pandering to morons. unfortunately….

    Its very much the same problem with Islam.
    The Islamic law says you should be put to death for all sorts of inane reasons. But Muslims defend this law.
    They refuse to talk about it openly. They know its an arcane remnant from a barbaric time (like religioin in general)
    But for any one of them to criticize it, means they face beheading according to their law.

    Basically, the world of the middle east started out totally fucked up and won't be able to cure itself till these goofy assed faithful people get a grip on themselves, join the modern world, or just off themselves.
    Sometimes I actually hope for the latter.

  5. FIRST Latin-American blockchain-based loans platform?? Thank you. ONX is a Unique project. Small float and great management team. I agree this coin could be over $2 next year this time

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