Venezuelan regime getting into bitcoin with ‘petro’ cryptocurrency

Asymmetrica President Vanesa Neumann on the Venezuelan government starting the ‘petro’ cryptocurrency.

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  1. Wow, the new bitcoin price is favoring us that multiplied our bitcoin, i remembered when bitcoin was $18,0000, everybody was regretting they didn’t buy when it was $10,000, not its down to $10,000 instead of them to invest theirs or buy more, they are saying its crashing, i had 3.5 btc which was $63,000 which dropped to $35,000. i was mad and started looking for solution to multiply it until i met a Pro trader fred anthony, I was skeptical at first, the first week we made 19btc with 3.5btc, Give him a try, you have total control of your bitcoin, contact him [email protected] com or + 1 941 9401800 on what app fredanthony880 on Skype.

  2. Cryptos good! Cryptos backed by any government BAD! Cryptos backed by socialist government CRAZY! DO NOT BUY $PETRO coin…If you do, you are crushing the people while supporting this fat pig maduro marika and his lifestyle. 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽—->Maduro

  3. Venezuela's barberic Maduro regime is not socialism it's communism, VERY DIFFERENT FOLKS!!!! Like here in America there is no real democracy anymore since Woodrow Wilson sold us out. The real term is called Neo liberalism, but the media got our people's wires crossed.

  4. Oh yeah, Venezuela really needs the Americans to rebuild their country. No, the people of Venezuela should rebuild their own country and kick out that regime that would've gotten all the US foreign aid for their own benefit. I hope Venezuela becomes wealthy and prosperous on their own. And they happen to have the most beautiful girls judging by the past Ms Universe paegents. 😍

  5. Come on ppl how many scam have the Venezuela have done doing fake cryppto alot DavorCoinx, pagarex and etc I hope Venezuela burns to the ground for scamming so many people fuck Venezuela and who dislike what I wrote can SUCK ON MY BIG AMERICAN EAGLE USA#1.

  6. Ahahahahahahahahahahah socialist,communist losers…..thats your answer to starvation and crooked oppressive government?….bitcoin? Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  7. I am amused at the way banana republics always have military men in glorious uniforms standing on parade next to politicians, especially in bad times. What, I wonder, do they contribute to economic stability? The poorer the country the more imposing these guys are. What, exactly, is their function?

  8. Ever since Venezuelan bond market failed in November, this was the next sceme. How are you supposed to collect your barrel of oil, WHEN it flops? Forbes and Reuters tells me they owe about 147 Billion to debtors. Before president Nixon, you could go to the bank and get silver for your greenback. It said so on the currency.

  9. the thing with petro. it's already live = impossible now to remove, even if maduro gets taken out. since its backed by oil now. they won't sell the oil, which will drive up costs = no more debt

  10. Tell America to Fox off . They stop ships from coming in with food and trades . And the Venezuela people have to suffer because USA not Venezuela governments . So fuc off

  11. If Venezuela had any sense they would use Cardano or EOS as there official currency, both of these coins are the future. Or if they want to be completely decentralized then they should use Ripple, lol. I am very surprised they did not evaluate the space before using a crap coin like Petro.

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