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Video Shows ‘Body In Freezer’ Victim Crying For Help

A Facebook live video claims to show ‘body in freezer’ victim Kenneka Jenkins…

crying for help at a party before she was found dead in a freezer in a hotel room

The video was made just hours before 19-year-old Jenkins’ body….

was found in a Crowne Plaza Hotel freezer in Chicago

There were 3 videos shot on that fateful night, which are now being examined

One of the videos show her smiling near a washroom in Crowne Plaza Hotel

She went missing after a while and her friends informed the girl’s parents about it

Kenneka’s mother searched for her and then approached the police

She was found stuffed in a freezer with double steel door

The cops launched an investigation

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  1. I thought I heard dude say owl then I heard like a lil scream then 2gun shots i thought the gunshots was part of a song cuz music was playing and they made it seem like a gunshot. If that was kenneka and those gun shots she had to seen that coming that's why she kinda like screamed. That made my heart drop. Whoever did that to her God is going to deal with that person even if the truth don't come out now it will some day if they aren't already gotten. God is a forgiving God.

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