Volatility + Bitcoin – Pulling Back? News & Cognitive Bias, Big Money, Selling The Story – Ep192

Let’s take a look at potential BTC price moves as well as why the news cycle may be telling you something different than reality.


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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. anybody know how accurate the TA measures on Trading view are? With showing the compass with "Strong buy, buy, sell, strong sell"

  2. Carter, can you please tell me what is your track record and what makes you such an expert. Youtube is full of too many people claiming to be experts when they dont know jack S**. Thanks, Carter.

  3. Singularity net is way under the radar at the mo, love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this project. Blockchain based AI marketplace sounds like unreal potential!!!!

  4. Considering recent trends, now that the masses believe we are headed down, the whale 🐳 bull 🐮 sharks 🦈 will manipulate up for another FOMO fake out pump and dump.

  5. Carter, I don't mean to be rude but for someone from a marketing background you seem to have forgotten about needing a unique selling proposition my friend. You've gone from having unique content to spending way too much time just analysing charts like so many others. Please go back to your old self. Much more watchable and unique. Thanks

  6. What do you think of the idea that's been popping up lately of those giant candles, up and down, being whale manipulation: bear-traps, bull-traps, and such? Do you think there's merit to those claims? Or crack-pot theories?

  7. Higher Lows are forming good Support levels. Looks like the $8650 level has held, and we are now moving up from $8800. This is very positive as we are ready to move up to the $11,450 range….//

  8. LOL I just heard your comments about DB! I hold DB Puts since December! Look at the Libor rate. Potential "shady" activities……..

  9. Dude, those Redbull cans having been sitting there for weeks now!!! Gotta get yourself a cleaner there in Bananatown.

  10. PayPal was originally supposed to be internet money that replaced the banks but they were unsuccessful in that and became what they are now

  11. Why ZCL is pumping again? The project was abandoned and they don't have a DEV team anymore, any input on this? thx.

  12. what would happen if someone tied your hands behind your back?
    Would you still be able to make vids?
    Love your work Carter

  13. We like watching Carter here in Kazakhstan. A lot of common sense as i would say… Do you guys know anyone else worth following?

  14. PayPal is a freaking scam, so are the banks , everyone knows it , even they know it . Decentralization is the real deal

  15. Great article Carter. Like the sharing in your own trading learning journey. Helping me heaps. Keep it up.

  16. At coinmarketcap some can see the amount of coins in circulation and the max supply. But where can I check these numbers?
    Is there a way to check the amount of coins out there? How can you be shure?

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