Warren Buffett: Bitcoin Is An Asset That Creates Nothing | CNBC

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett speaks to CNBC’s Becky Quick about what he thinks about bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets.
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Warren Buffett: Bitcoin Is An Asset That Creates Nothing | CNBC

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  1. Bitcoin = biggest and most sofisticated ponzi scheme of the 2010's. Better start a company or buy stock from a company that gives dividend.

  2. Blockchain technology, Bitcoin are the future and yes this technology creates value just by the fact for example, we can move assets from one place to another without having the needs of paying Millions of dollars in paperwork, lawyers services, etc.

  3. First off.. dude needs to clear his throat. Second, he has no knowledge on the blockchain.. cryptocurrencies don't just "sit there".. so if I was him, I'd keep quiet with his billions and stay out of the crypto media. Literally the only thing that will give something value is the people. It doesn't matter what the method of usage or speculation is. Without the past history and interest in gold dating back literally thousands of years ago, it would just be another rock, a very shiny and very pretty rock… btw he stated people enjoy gambling, last time I checked his entire portolio was built on a version of "gambling" back in the 1960's. Buffett once said "Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing". Buffett is only going to claim and assume that bitcoin stands as a risk, he has no technological backing or even the slightest economic analysis based from the impact it will take on banks and decentralized networks. This man is not senile, but is definitely stuck in the last century. This is the age of silicon, the digital age, you can't stop technology, so you might as well jump aboard the train and ride the wave.

  4. Jajajajajaja. CNBC should put Buffet and Antonopoulos on a face to face discussion, I will like to see Andreas teaching some lessons about what money really is to Buffet, is very unbelievable that one of the greatest bussines man ever still doesn’t have the definition of money very clear.

  5. Buffet is rat poison, I wouldn't be surprised if he's buying up bitcoin after he bashes it, that's what greedy guys like him does

  6. What Buffet does not understand or will admit on TV is exactly that it removes people from the system. Cannot put a dollar value on that it is beyond money

  7. I don't understand the hate. I am a fan of cryptocurrencies, still I'm able to listen to other opinions. If whenever you hear someone expressing other opinion on cryptocurrencies than yours and you turn him down immediately, you're too far on one side, blind and deaf. If we want improvement, we need to listed to criticism and prove them wrong eventually.

    Actually, there are cryptocurrencies which do produce something. Many tokens and cryptos, which are so called utility tokens can be used to produce. One example is steem, which enables you to choose the best content on steemit and reward writers for their work. It "produces" the power to choose good content and support writers of the content.

    Right now, most cryptos and BTC in particular are horrible currencies in its true meaning. If you recognize it only as a speculative asset, then Warren is absolutely right. Too many people are in the cryptocurrencies for a quick buck.

    But there's more. It's a beautiful system under the hood and many smart developers are working super hard to make BTC and many other cryptos a great currencies.

  8. It's hilarious to watch the cryptocurrency fanboys come to defense of bitcoin. Of the friends I have that brag they have made thousands of dollars on crypto, it has been through mining, or buying and selling for $US. If they really valued the "ether" nothingness which is bitcoin, they would be holding on it. If/when cytpo becomes regulated enough that drug lords and the like cant use it as a tool to launder money, the hype will diminish, the FOMO's will lose interest, and crypto will be irrelavent.

  9. I bought some Ontology. It's a great cryptocurrency project. Buffet should look at other coins besides BTC.

  10. it does create something
    freedom from bankin cartels, freedom from neofeudalists like buffet that want money earning cattle, for their "property"

  11. If I had billions of dollars, I wouldn't want the people deciding that my 'dollar' isn't the best.

  12. Warren is old and so is his thinking. Blockchain will change the future and epayment will be adopted worldwide

  13. It's no different from trading currencies. If you think investing in bitcoin is like turds then you gotta say even worse about fiat currencies. Buffett has good points but he didn't make his money by trading currencies, but other billionaires did, and some even by bitcoin itself ALREADY. Cryptocurrency is going to be a trillion dollar market. Even the White House chief Economic advisor Gary Cohn says there will be a global cryptocurrency accepted worldwide – bitcoin or not, bitcoin will be an antique and priceless at that point.

  14. i waited to hear him, just one time, saying "blockchain" word, but he didn't. i think, he's just don't get it, the value behind bitcoin. the technology it offers, how it will revolutionize the entire world financial system. he is just don't get it. i'm sorry dude, you can be richer, but you can't be right all the time.

  15. When you don't understand something then it makes sense you would say it produces nothing. Kinda like your brain, Buffet.

  16. The universe sees these 3 as black scum tar pits dwarfing the grand cannon, they're baby killers on an unimaginable scale. Never judge a man solely by his wealth.

  17. you can't tell that to those that are make $$$ from Cryptocurrency's. "ITS DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE". I trade Crypto Currency. It's a wave of learning.

  18. If you add up the net worth of the people who disliked this video, it's probably 0.1% of Buffet's.

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