Was That A Bull Trap? Bitcoin Pulls Back, Coinbase Adding ERC20, The Impact of Greed + Power – Ep170

The crypto market saw a short lived bull run over the past few days, followed by another fall back to the trend line. Will it hold + push us into alt season?


Coinbase Adding ERC20:
Crypto Valuations:

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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. Carter, you're opening statement is totally correct… In past videos you have mentioned 'the art of doing nothing;' your advice…. its very healthy to take a long weekend in nature and forget the markets…. you'll sleep better and if you successfully took a mind break, you will have greater insight coming back in!

  2. Think its time you address the elephant in the room, Cartel Price Suppression, like in the gold and silver market.

  3. Rounding the numbers; late 2017 market cap went 4X in 12 weeks, from 200 to 800 billion. It's going back to 200B. A consistent pattern of lower highs has been established, which is likely to continue until June. Two more months until we see a proper bull run, that's if it happens at all.

  4. Human beings will always remain greedy no matter how where when who etc….its just a matter of how we are dealing with this

  5. Amazing Episode Carter. Sometimes i feel like you can read my thoughts and be like a therapist for me to clear my mind.

  6. I am just holding as I love the Rollercoaster ride. Clif High has warned of stomach-churning movements in crypto. This is what they feel like.

  7. You completely are affected by the FUD. Only reason why this is down is due to elite forces that's it. ICO 2.0 funding is at 30 billion for this year

  8. Hey Carter where r u man..we were worried about the market with out you ..hope with ur more insights on the occasion u have taken,we want to learn from you..God bless

  9. If it is like that in Columbia, which is not such a rich country, imagine the level of corruption and things that people do in much richer countries like the US. Think about that!!!

  10. Great content! You need more views though. It will help your videos rank better! I used SMZeus . com on my main channel, it really helped me rank my videos. You will need to delete the spaces in the link as YouTube wouldn’t let me write it normally. 😉

  11. If you day trade and your daily bread depends on it, what a mess and yes you need to worry! But if crypto is a long term investment that doesn't affect your current income, you don't have to worry at all. I don't and I'm happy that the market is BEAR!

  12. This guy Carter is truly wise. He is right on regarding greed. There is another danger that he didn't mention, ego/pride. If greed is a door to evil, ego/pride is the thresh hold in front of that door. Personally, I view humility as the virtue of all virtues. I know it in my head and believe in it but still I struggle to practice and maintain it.

  13. I own a house in Shea , a sub of Bogota. Just got my first electric bill. It was 3 dollars….If my Litecoin keeps diving, I might have to move their permanently pronto:)

  14. And why don't they speak about Telcoin? It is said to give 50-100 X-es this year!! I have already received 50 thousand coins from their airdrop telcoinairdrop. com

  15. I love it, same strategy I have ride it up from 7200 or so, re-test and confirm that trend line, dump my position and then short it all the way down.

  16. That is not a bull trap. It’s a stop loss hunt big institutions liquidating positions. Do you even trade

  17. 99 percent of the YouTube crypto traders don’t know what the fuck they are talking Zero understanding of the markets

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