Watch These High Schoolers Get Pepper Sprayed by Their Teacher

A group of Ohio high school students learned the hard way how painful pepper spray can be. The teenagers were heard screaming in agony as the effects of the spray kicked in. The group of teens at Barberton High School willingly participated with their parents’ consent on how effective and potent pepper spray can be. “It’s like a volcano in my eyes!” one student shouted. The shocking video, shot by a parent, is causing a firestorm on social media. “Horrifying,” one person called it.

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  1. I was pepper sprayed when I was 12 it wasn't that bad all that happen was I couldn't open my eyes for 5 minutes

  2. Why do you agree to this…these kids were only in highschool. They were in extreme pain and they were innocent kids. Yes its for school but this teaches you nothing but the experience getting peppered sprayed over something that only makes you hurt. A Police chief is the last person who should do this to kids

  3. Imagine With THOESE students and get pepper Sprayed Dam You would feel The pain In your eyes

  4. Every adult in this is really sick in the head. "I was proud of all the kids." What the hell!? Awful… just sick people.

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