We Don’t Know How To Feel About Star Wars IX’s Cast

The ‘final instalment’ to the Skywalker saga isn’t pulling its punches.

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Written by frances

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  1. what about the tech they used for episode 7 i think it was when they brought Grand Moff Tarkin back, Peter Cushing been dead since 94 I think but was in the episode 7 movie

  2. LUKE AND LEIA ARE BACK ??? OK I might actually go see Episode 9 instead of staying HOME as I had planned after the HORRIBLE Last Jedi.

  3. Sequels < Prequels < Originals
    Rian Johnson ruined the trilogy. Take it how you may but the ending for The Last Jedi was really disturbing. Everyone is smiling after losing 95% of their allies… I hope Episode 9 redeems the trilogy

  4. Nobody cares about the cast because nobody’s going to watch 9 because nobody likes StarWars anymore. They ruined it

  5. I really appreciated the fact that you were able to praise JJ Abrams while still refraining from trashing on Rian Johnson. Say what you will about The Last Jedi, he's still not a bad director at all

  6. I’ve lost all hope for the sequels. I’m still gonna see Episode 9 but mostly to see how badly they butcher it. It’s sad that these “Star Wars Story” films can do better than main installments (Their box office performances are affected by the main installments, I’m talking about quality). Shit I see fan films that are better directed and written than the sequels.

  7. Oh my god these guys are terrible. The little one is the worst. Please stop mangling the English language and get off the internet.

  8. This new trilogy is so disjointed and full of plot holes. The Last Jedi was the single most disappointing movie I have ever seen.

  9. Hollywood is dry, all out of ideas and recycling the same tropes and the same franchises over and over again, remake after remake. Meanwhile I'm just sitting here wondering when I'm gonna get a 40k movie.

    So much potential, y u no use?

  10. No, I can't get excited over this…I'm sorry. Rian Johnson broke my heart and I can never feel the same way about any new Star Wars content coming out under Kennedy's umbrella

  11. They probably listed her as they'll need all the help they can get to try to generate interest. I'm still not going to see the movie…and I assume many other fan's won't either. The Last Jedi totally broke the story and the constant fan bashing whenever we criticized the movie has cemented the resolve…well mine anyways.

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