We take down hundreds of ISIS sites, fight w/o guns – ‘Anonymous’ hacker

Media propaganda has proven key to ISIS’ success. International efforts to stem the jihadists online have had little effect. So independent fighters are attempting to turn the tide themselves. RT spoke exclusively to one hacker from a company waging a campaign against the Islamists.


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RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

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Written by frances

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  1. Umm… PR? Publicity stunt? Washing away the dirty cloth?

    These are the things that come to my mind off the bat… while agreeing with most of what they did till now (or at least what's publicly attributed to them), and partially agreeing with this move… I am getting the impression anyone can claim to be part of 'anonymous', without any proper affiliation whatsoever.

  2. Dreaming and barking like a dog is free of charge…bark as much as you want. US Beer Guts Infidel are very good at barking like dogs and lying.

  3. Anonymous is full of liberals that only know and believe what they like to know and believe. They are not out there for neutral justice, they are out there for biased justice. Most of them are of Western mentality, so they don't really represent broader causes. Do they bother fighting against people like the NSA, CIA, Israel, Britain, banksters, wall street? No… That's why I don't really support them. They are too biased. Or maybe they know they can't take on bigger fish, so they stick to weaklings.

  4. yep. tell them fuck you. turn blue. hold your breath under these stagelights…..and you know im dancing to the beat.

  5. As usual ,the only effective action, we dont see from the Guverments or their claims and Programs, but from the people! People ready to stand up against dezinformation and lies of the terrorist made of paiper and creat4ed by the Capitalist elites!

  6. isis is same shit regime cia put in power in my country croatia to destroy yugoslavia still going strong our government had concentration camps in bosnia welcomed in eu??? out of 4mil.people in country 100 devil loving families got rich rest of us can kill urself population stats prove that every year there is less people in country

  7. It looks too me that will increase their recruitment.
    Mocking an organization like this just help spread their brand.

  8. Hey You isis Not real islamic state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! isis just the idiot terrorist

  9. Air Force should give children access to drones and tell them its a video game. Kids are good with those games.

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