What Happens When You Try to ASSASSINATE Darth Vader – Star Wars Comics Explained

During a mission on the planet Atoa, Darth Vader is sabotaged by his own forces and this leads to a secret assassination attempt which Vader is ready….

Darth Vader Explained:

The Forbidden Force Powers Series:

All the Lightsabers Series:

May the Force be with YOU…. Always!

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Written by frances

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  1. All the answers in the videos: what will happen if you disobeyed, assassinate Vader or boba Fett blah blah blah. Don't watch the video coz Everytime they have a series of video for this the answer is they'll KILL YOU

  2. he is the motherfuckin chosen one, the one who could dominate the light and dark side of the force, ofc Vader is OP in Legends, I wouldnt expect anything less for a being born from the force itself

  3. I have a question. What’s the difference between iridonia and dathomir and why are there zabraks in both of them ? And is maul from iridonia or dathomir. And how are there zabraks in dathomir if they’re born in iridonia ? I don’t understand.

  4. What was crazy about this. He took a nap and woke up because people were in his room making noise enough to affect his dream state. Upon waking he does what most with protection at the ready would do when they wake to uninvited guests. Anyone can do what he just did.

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