What if I Wrote Star Wars Episode 9?

Here’s what would happen if I wrote Star Wars Episode 9…
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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. I hope the Republic and CIS ships appear in the Outer rim fleet. After the Republic became the Empire, those ships were obsolete and given to the Hutts and other star systems.

  2. This is pretty much my idea episode IX. Just cut the Reylo down even more, and have it turn out that Finn is the descendant of one of the Bad Batch or another clone from the same experiment. Why? Because then you could put something in about Boba having "made a promise to Skirata" (In reference to the Mandalorian that trained Omega squad and the Null ARCs in Legends, and friend of Walon Vau, who trained Delta Squad. Since Delta Squad was brought back by The Clone Wars, and the Republic Commando game and book series is so acclaimed, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch), and turn on the First Order to protect his 'nephew'

  3. I look at the cast for Star Wars episode IX
    Don't see Rose's actress


  4. I would love to see Lando with a fully armed droid army and maybe even a new Grievous (enhanced by the cybernetics that are fully removable instead of being merged with them to be able to live.) although that second one isn’t likely.

  5. I was hoping the build up would lead to a battle over a Star Forge that was found and rebuilt by the Empire. I think it could be used to explain a lot of holes, especially FO resources.

    The Star Forge is old, and I expect it would not be able to produce the most modern equipment, so they use it to pump out Resurgence-class hulls. The hulls would then be loaded onto the Mega-Class, and built in flight as the FO extorted neighbors for the remaining parts, fuel, and children (the eventual crew).
    Snoke would have originally been an Imperial Moff, assigned to the Star Forge reconstruction. Extended exposure would warp Snoke's body and mind, until he became an avatar for the machine. The Imperial Remnant, desperate for resources, would find itself exploited by the Snoke, to some yet unknown ends.
    Loyal force sensitives would become Knights of Ren, and assigned to Mega-class ships. They would be used to enforce the Star Forge's will. The Forge could potentially instruct in the use of the force, to some extent, but the weapon and combat style would be left up to the individual, possibly opting for modified blasters. Most training would develop some sort of dependence, further guaranteeing loyalty. The more Knights Snoke can control, the greater he can expand his new Empire, and Luke's students would have greatly increase his influence. They act as a defense against the now rearmed Imperial Remnant from turning on him, and they (Hux, etc.) know it too.

  6. It's sad knowing that the movie will probably take a whole different direction. Rose will probably be in it, which is a shame.

  7. this was really good but episode 9 is supposed to be the final movie so I think the first order should be defeated by the end

  8. Personally, at the end i’d would’ve brought back the Vong, while towards the end of the film while Resistance and First Order are at the height of their conflict, a Chiss space outpost far out in the Unknown Regions spontaneously begins to detect something, suddenly, all Chiss on the station go haywire running frantically to operate communications relays, although the entire time we are focused on one Chiss, a calm Chiss wearing a uniform that appears to be out of place and from a different era, calmly he states, “perhaps it wasn’t us who informed of the galaxy too a sufficient amount… it was our own that understood too little. Of their power” and as this was being said it pans out of the station as massive ships of different shapes and sizes engulf the entire system, now the credits can roll.

  9. I would dislike this, first of all it would be so boring to see again Acho-To, the plot is awful, the leaked informations are 100% unreal

  10. This has some flaws for one slavery has been overused in star wars and both sides have planets and local governments that use a slave system and two Boba Fett wouldn't have been taken down easily by Finn, Boba is old but he is smart he would have another bounty hunter with him and even if he doesn't have a another bounty hunter to help him he would severely injured (Boba Fett is basically a Delta Force Operator who served on the 1st Persian Gulf War, Colombian Drug War, and Somalian Civil War while Finn is a Marine who signed up in 2008 and had six skirmishes with the Taliban in Afghanistan.) And third the First Order Fleet is no novice when it comes to space combat they have Naval doctrines from the Galactic Empire and have had experience against the Resistance while the the twe'lek and Hurts aren't well adapted to naval combat as the Resistance and First Order are so the battle in space would be a moderate victory with the Resistance losing more ships than the First Order.

  11. That is 1000% a Disney Wars type movie. Horrible. I won't even watch it on Netflix. 25 year old in charge of the resistance. Convoluted and insulting to fans of 40+ years.

  12. I have to be honest, I was prepared to shit on this as I hate Lucas film Star Wars with. a passion and that goes for all of them but this sounds like a pretty good movie. My only nnualproblem is Rey will forever be a MaruSue never in any danger, or a Jedi classroom for that matter and Finn beating Bobba Fett, no way no how. Too bad Lucas film has nobody with as much talent as you, get ready for another dumpster fire that will be episode 9….Pan sexual Lando LMFAO Yeah the most heterosexual man on the planet is Billy Dee Williams, so maybe they will make Luke Bisexual because they just can't help themselves.

  13. Episode 9 should start right where Episode 8 finished. As the Falcon is escaping Crait, it explodes, killing everyone inside instantly. Emo Ren is so distraught, he instantly kills everyone in the First Order everywhere in the Galaxy with the Force. Cue 10 minutes of things exploding. Roll credits.

  14. This is in no way meant to be an insult, but imagining this as the real movie made me feel almost sick to my stomach.
    1: Rey kills a defenceless Kylo Ren purely out of anger. This is almost exactly like Anakin killing Dooku, and that was one of the most obvious signs that he was turning evil. Unless you want Rey to become an evil character, this makes her the worst Jedi ever.
    2: Really? A 70 year old Boba Fett against Finn?
    3: And once again, repeating one of the biggest problems with this trilogy, the main three heroes are separated for most of the movie!

  15. No no no. The only solution is to recon the entire new piece of shit trilogy and go into a more force importance direction

  16. i really like this story and this is the movie (only that we see the battle) it would might be one of the best sw movies

  17. I’m not really a big fan of this story. First of all Luke is once again underused. Mara Jade really is there just for fanbating. Lando doesn’t really have an important role in the movie, he just appears to be there for nostalgia reasons (back in my day we defeated the empire like this, you go Poe!). Also Boba Fett has absolutely no reason to be there, he has no relationships with any of the characters, he should’ve been used when Han and Leia were still around, now he is just replacing Phasma, even dying in the exact same way she did in the previous movie. Speaking of characters that are simply replaced, the spy is really just Rose, she is going on a very similar journey with Finn as Rose did in the movie from 2 years ago. She meets Finn at the start of the movie, they go on a mission together, they end up dressed like the First Order (again) and kiss at the end (oh I mean holding hands, a kiss is to intimidating). The only difference the spy has is that she also gets that battle Rose her sister had in the beginning of TLJ, which was a big part of Rose her motivation, the spy has absolutely no character in this entire episode. And then there is Rey, who goes on the same spiritual journey as the last time, but this time around she finds her parents, who happen to be Luke’s students who died by the hands of Ben, fun and all, but that would mean that first of all, Rey should be really young in the Force Awakens (because the destruction of the Jedi temple should’ve happened about 6 years before the Force Awakens, making Rey like 10-15 years old during that movie, or otherwise it happened like 13 year before that, making Ben like 36 years old in that movie, it just doesn’t work. Also the end battle is way to similar as the one in TFA, Finn and Rey are with Kylo, Finn is in danger, Rey saves the day while Poe flies in hios X-Wing above them (and for real, him getting rid of the box above Finn’s head, really unlikely, big chance of Finn getting sucked into the engines even). And btw, what a horrible way to end the Skywalker bloodline just like that. Than there is Thrawn, and believe me I want him to return, but not like this, he is in the exact same position as he was during the empire days, no character development there at all. And come on, we once again ignore the prequels? Is this how the entire saga comes together, just don’t worry about the first 3 chapters, nothing important there. No thank you.

  18. The two things I didn’t like were Kylo dying, and boba losing, in fact I would have kylo NEAR death, basically seeing the balance and the cosmic force, he would then realize why Luke did what he did, and why what he was doing was wrong, he would then go on about why he was wrong to rey, and then ask for forgiveness, she would sigh, but accept his apology, then Hux along with Phasma and (that one snake dude like DJ something in TLJ that betrayed rose and Finn) Hux would announce to let him live or she would die, Rey would try and rush Hux, snake guy would shoot her with a tranquilizing blast, she would be tossed back and rendered unconscious, then lando, Finn, and the spy chick would step forward, Snake dude would turn to Finn and mock him, finn would shout at him as the snake dude was ready to tranquilize him as well, but the spy chick would shoot the tranquilizing blaster from snake dude, snake dude would look at his blaster then at his hand then at the spy chick, he would try to run out from where they entered, finn would trip him, then knock him out with a punch, then phasma with a scorched left eye would trash talk both of them, Finn would comeback saying how’s the eye? Phasma would get enraged and would rush Finn with a electro staff, Finn would shoot phasma but it would just bounce off her armor, finn would then look at her eye and aim his blaster there, but phasma would have hit him already, with the powerful staff rendering finn unconscious. Lando would then bring out his blaster from ESB, and shoot phasma in the eye then in the helmet multiple times, she would be on the floor, close to death, atleast that traitor will die with me.. she would then die mistaken that Finn would still be alive, the spy chick would recognize Hux, Hux would grab phasmas staff he would be slightly trained in combat by snoke, he would twirl dodging the blaster bolt by the spy chick, Hux would hit the spy chick, she would be struck, she would shoot again while almost hitting the floor rendering her unconscious, the spy chicks blaster bolt would hit him, he’d then be stunned back by it, when lando was aiming at huxs chest, thrawn and boba would come in, Thrawn would speak, and say he heard stories about lando, lando would be surrounded, but then Thrawn would stop mid sentence and he would be choking, Kylo would be force choking him, boba would look at Kylo and he would turn on his jet pack launching a missle at him, while in the air, but lando would shoot boba before he shot it, boba would focus on lando, lando would then shoot lando in the leg, and lando would shoot boba in the arm, Hux from behind would hold lando in a chokehold, choking lando squeezing harder and harder, Rey would wake up she would throw her saber at Huxs leg, he would scream in agony, thrawn would see he was losing but luckily he planned ahead, so he started to run, lando would shoot bobas jet pack making him crash into the disintegration thingy that killed the praetorian guard in TLJ, he would die (sorry) Kylo would walk towards Hux, Hux would say Kylo lost he wasn’t a sith, he was weak, and he would reveal that Snoke was still alive, kylo would then manually choke Hux after he said that, Hux would try to gasp for breath, kylo said no, you have lost, kylo would then ignite his saber into Huxs chest, Hux would say with his last breath, long live the supreme leader, Hux would die, finn would wake up, along with the spy chick, lando, spy chick, rey, kylo, and Finn would chase Thrawn as he left, he would ambush them all, snoke would be there along with 8 praetorian guards, thrawn would then lock down the supremacy making them locked in, THE END WAIT UNTIL IM NOT TIRED WSIT TILL THE SEQUEL

  19. I think there should be a scene in the cave on anch to where rey fights kylo and it keeps changing the scene to every major lightsaber battle from the saga with an edited duel of the fates and just before she delivers the final strike, we hear palpatine saying dew it but when she refuses, we are taken back to Snoke's throne room and snoke convinces rey to kill kylo…

  20. Dude. The republic is ok with first order rule? Are you sure? Star killer just blew up a bunch of populated planets. If North Korea wiped out a couple of continents, say North America and Europe, do you think the rest of the world would be 'ok' with it?

  21. Boba should survive and later be killed by lando himself. But other ban that wow. I want to see this on the big screen December 2019

  22. It looks good. A little rough around the edges, but goo- "Finn encounters Boba Fett and has a showdown with him and wins" WHAT. As if the best (and my favourite) Bounty Hunter hasn't had enough live action abuse! Finn really should have died in TLJ before Rose saved him, so let him die here at Boba's hands. More than that, let Boba annihilate him. They don't regard him as the best bounty hunter the galaxy has ever seen for nothing. Damn, while he's there, give him a pivotal role. I want Boba to be Kylo's Fist like the 501st were Vader's and to be an absolute badass, annihilating Resistance troops left and right, only to survive a late-movie showdown with Rey and to escape once again…

  23. Finn would never beat Boba, he would easily kill finn and he is also more powerful and skilled then Kylo or Rey

  24. Interesting idea a lot of cool plot points but not even mentioning rose and killing kylo feels more like a second film then the final in a trilogy but still really good

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