What You Need To Know Before You See Solo: A Star Wars Story

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You can’t keep a good scoundrel down. Han Solo might have died in The Force Awakens, but the character lives on in film thanks to the spinoff prequel Solo: A Star Wars Story, which features Alden Ehrenreich as the galaxy’s scruffiest nerf herder. But with more than 40 years of Star Wars history to draw on, Solo’s many references and easter eggs could be daunting for fans both young and old. Don’t worry: we have you covered. Here’s what you need to know before you see Solo: A Star Wars Story…

When does Solo take place? | 0:29
Who is the Game of Thrones lady playing? | 1:15
Who is L3-37? | 1:46
Who are the new rogues? | 2:29
Where’s the fan service? | 3:06
Who directed this thing, anyway? | 3:43
What’s the bottom line? | 4:19

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  1. Good things have turned into nothing just a speck of dust is now what is left

    So give me the infinity gauntlet and I will solve all the problems

  2. If you want to make people come to this movie, add a post credit scene of Lando finding about Han death in present day.

  3. Since when has Star Wars become the Nickelback of movies? So many people keep saying it sucks/won't go to see it, etc., yet still pay money to see it as a guilty pleasure. Wouldn't be surprised if this movie makes a lot of money, too.

  4. Wow, it's just sad seeing these comments. I can't argue, because, it's probably true. Solo is going to be trash. It's Disney's last chance to cash in, because no one is going to watch Star Wars IX. My childhood is trash now, ruined by Disney, guess it's time to move on

  5. Rogue One surprised me greatly after not enjoying the force awakens as much as I should have. The Last Jedi was a big smack in the face, so I have hope that this one will be decent if not good since it is not part of the new trilogy.

  6. There’s much more to Star Wars than just the movies a lot you commenting on don’t seem to get that why let one movie ruin it for you because of movie executives or directors etc there’s books comics even entirely different eras of the Star Wars history so with that I’m not letting this one movie draw hatred for the entire thing if anything it just adds more to the universe and possibilities that can happen in the future

  7. DANG the hate in the comments is real! I am honestly not super excited but I do want to see this movie, just to give it a chance. And I will probably come storming back here when I am disappointed but whatever.

  8. Here’s what you need to know… Solo is the first step in Kathleen Kennedy’s Retcon/remake of the original trilogy. You support this movie opening weekend, you support remaking the OT in KK’s image.

  9. I find it astonishingly rude and incosiderate of people that they're not going to watch this movie because the actor doesn't resemble Han Solo in their opinion (Even though we've only seen five fucking minutes of the movie). I mean, give the poor guy a fucking chance. Like any of you could pull it off any fucking better .

  10. I'm sorry, but the guy looks nothing like Han! There were two other actress who would've been perfect in both looks and acting! But this guy? Not saying he's a bad actor, but he looks nothing like a young Harrison Ford! Even with the forced hairstyle!

  11. "And in the Last Shot novel, we learn that L3 is both a…." What? The? Hell? They still think that a movie characters persona can be explained OUTSIDE of the movie itself?!? If you don't somehow SHOW their character IN THE MOVIE, they DON'T HAVE A CHARACTER.
    This movie is most likely just another souless peace of merchandice set in the Star Wars universe.

  12. Everyone plz do not see Solo a Star war movie on opening weekend.
    If the film does bad enough we might be able to bring star wars back to the light side and maybe just maybe we can get Kathleen Kennedy fired.


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